Monday, June 2, 2014

My Geeky, Creepy, Accidentally Shining-Inspired Hallway

A few weeks ago, I posted this picture with the explanation that it was my newly renovated hallway (still in progress), and that it kinda, sorta, unintentionally started to resemble The Shining. Granted, I was a little high on paint fumes when I came to this realization, but looking back on it, I don't think I was too far gone.
My hallway in progress.
 See? Here's a screenshot from the movie.
Photo Credit
Granted, the colors aren't in exactly the same places and patterns, but the color scheme is eerily similar. If I could have found the accent pieces in red, I would have nailed it. Of course, as I said, any resemblance is coincidental and purely unintentional. That said...if you can't beat 'em... 

"Come play with us, Ronnie. Forever and ever..."
This is my geek-ified, accidentally Shining-inspired, vaguely Haunted Mansion-y new hallway™! And yes, those are my puppy's dinosaur toys standing in for the creepy twins. I should probably seek help.

Of course, you can't have a Shining-inspired *anything* without 237, and what self-respecting hotel leaves numbers off the doors? This door leads to the office, which can, on occasion, double for a gateway to Hell. Seemed appropriate. These numbers are rusted brass, and were clearanced out for 68-cents apiece at the local craft store.

While we were at it, we stuck 42--the meaning of life--on our room...

...and 1138 (George Lucas' directorial debut) on the guest room. 

You could also argue that 42 might be for 42nd Street and the Broadway theatre district in New York, but that would be silly...right? *whistles innocently*
Here we have the distressed mirror and sconces I showed you in the previous post. They haven't changed. They're still slightly disturbing and remind me of The Haunted Mansion ride for some inexplicable reason. I think it's the pattern in the sconces and the filigree around the mirror. I don't know, but Thomas gets that vibe, too. Maybe we've just got our crazy in sync. 


Originally, I'd planned on getting a minimalist Shining poster to frame and hang here (across from the mirror/sconces), but then we found this little gem, also on clearance at the local craft shop. The inside of the frame is clear, so don't go nuts wondering how we matched the orange paint that perfectly. I loved how distressed and worn it was, and the typewriter went perfectly with our accidental theming. Most importantly, though: there's glitter in it. Kid you not. I have no idea why there is glitter in this frame, but there is, and it's gold, and it got all over Thomas when he toted it out to the car for me. If I hadn't already fallen in love with it, that last bit would have sold me on it. (I love you, honey!)

Lastly, I figured as long as we were putting numbers on the doors, I might as well label the bathroom, too. There's nothing geeky or creepy about this. It's just practical and kind of pretty. 

Again, the letters were on clearance at the craft store, and lightweight enough to be attached using bits of Command strips. This picture shows the letters a little more clearly, and also gives the best shot of my favorite part of the hall: the door paint. 

If you look very closely, you can see little bits of sparkle. You can also see, from the light hitting the paint, that there's quite a bit of depth to the color. This is Oil-Rubbed Bronze paint from Rustoleum. Now, not going to lie, it's a b*tch to use. This stuff is oil-based (I had no idea) and goes on like molasses in December, but it looks amazing in person. From one angle, it looks black. From another, it looks brown. From another, there's a field of shimmer. I. Freaking. Love. It.
Word of warning: if you use this, do not use anything that contains a heat source until after the paint has dried. By that, I mean, don't paint and then make yourself a piece of toast. Don't paint and then run the washer or dryer. Definitely do not paint and then cook on the stovetop. This will--and I am not making this up--cause a chemical reaction with the already considerable fumes, and your entire house and everything in it will reek of kerosene. You will think you're going to die. I would also suggest using *only* disposable rollers and brushes, and not even attempting to clean them off after using. Just toss them. Trust me, it's easier that way. On a completely unrelated note, lemon juice, salt, steel wool, hand scrub, and pure acetone make a fantastic hand exfoliant that you will never want to use again.

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