Friday, December 16, 2011

Frugal Friday: Santa Baby!

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No doubt about it, the holidays are beyond stressful! First of all, they're expensive. Secondly, you have to come up with the "perfect" gift for everyone on your (if you're like me, evergrowing) list. Thirdly, to get these gifts you either have to go to the over-crowded mall and be stepped on and crushed and coughed on, or do your shopping online and hope to God the mailman actually delivers your gift, and that it's not stolen before you can get home. Alternately, you may have to go to the post office to pick up your package, and my post office just so happens to be in the mall...which renders online shopping to avoid the mall pointless. *headdesk*

I miss being a kid. I miss Santa. Lord knows, I have no desire to wait in the horrendous line (at the mall) with a bunch of germy kiddos to sit in his lap and tell him that all I want for Christmas is my dignity back. No, thank you. I did, a few years back, travel through the 34th Street Macy's Santaland, but mostly because of David Sedaris (Please check out his Santaland Diaries!!), and I opted to go on the grownup route and skip talking to the fat man. Santa represents magic, wonder, and the innocence of childhood. Plus, he does all the work. I really need a little Santa in my life, but on a level that doesn't leave people questioning my sanity (more than usual).

In my quest for a little Christmas magic, I ran across a few freebies and cheapies that, believe it or not, did make me just a twinge jollier. It's not snowflakes and cocoa and Rudolph's nose, but it's a start.

Talking Santa smartphone app: I'm not recommending this. I'm not putting it on my own phone, so why should I tell you to put it on yours. It takes up a ton of memory that I'm not willing to give up. However, should you have tons of memory to spare, you can:
Talk to Santa and he will repeat your words.
Poke, swipe or tickle Santa to see his various reactions.
Run Santa over with a huge snowball.
Give Santa milk & cookies.
Touch the bag to see your gifts.
Send customized Christmas cards (email, MMS or Facebook)
Record videos and upload them to YouTube & Facebook or send them by email or MMS.
For Android, click here. For iPhone, click here (99cents for iPhone).

@santa on Twitter: Read status updates and ask the jolly one questions with this real-time feed!

Free Letters From Santa Claus: Choose what message you'd like to send, pick a color scheme, fill in a few details (name of child, wished-for toy, etc.--nothing personal), download and print! For $2.99, upgrade the graphics and add a personalized, decorative envelope.

NORAD Santa: Countdown to Christmas Eve and track Santa's route with this perennial favorite! Free apps available for Android and iPhone, too, so you can check in on old Kris Kringle from anywhere! Play games, chat with elves, and even send Santa a letter--and get one back--while you explore Santa's workshop and village! Ever seen a disco dancing Santa? I have. A super fun hoot for the holidays. Bif, the mailroom elf, says my letter from Santa should be ready in three days! (Letters are free. Upgrades are available for a fee.)

*UPDATE! I just got my letter from Santa, and it's absolutely precious! It looks like it's on official North Pole letterhead, and reads:

Dear Erin,
I really enjoyed hearing from you this year! As you know, Christmas is right around the corner, and we have been very busy this year at the North Pole. The elves have been finishing up all the toys to deliver to the good girls and boys around the world, and we've been preparing my sleigh for the long trip Christmas Eve. It has a new coat of shiny red paint and new blades so the reindeer can fly faster!

Once my sleigh is packed and ready to go, I'll be off on my journey around the world. I'm reading your letter right now, and it looks like you've been a very nice girl this year. That makes me so happy. Keep up the good work!

While you are asleep on Christmas Eve, the reindeer will quietly land my sleigh so I can tiptoe into your home.

I see that you like stuffed animals. I love stuffed animals too. I sleep with my teddy bear every night. He is warm and cuddly, and he is my best friend. The elves have been very busy this year making many new and different stuffed animals for Christmas!

Mrs. Claus is calling for me so I must go now. I think I smell hot chocolate, too. It must be time for my break! I just love hot chocolate during the Christmas season!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Have a Merry Christmas!

Your Special Friend,

If you have a few minutes, and would like to have Santa send a special child in your life a personalized message, head over to and fill out the free form. It only takes a moment, and the letter will be ready in three days--just in time for Christmas!

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  1. i miss when other people handled christmas and i didn't have to travel halfway around the universe to meet familial obligations. that was so, so much easier...


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