Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Amazing Technicolor Dream...Dress

Photo by rainbowwinters.com
I remember hypercolor.  I think I was around eight or ten when the tacky tie-dyed shirts were all the rage, and I wanted one so badly.  Mom wouldn't let me get one (she has taste, afterall), so I never got to run around with handprints on my tummy.  Somehow, I don't exactly feel deprived--those were really ugly shirts--but the thought of color changing clothes has always fascinated me.  Blame hypercolor, blame Barbie, blame My Little Pony.  Heck, blame any child's toy from the 80s.  They all did it.  Whatever the case, I still get a kick out of it.

Apparently, I'm not the only one.  Designer Amy Winter has come up with a stunning collection of surprisingly wearable color change clothes.  A ball gown goes from white to technicolor--just add water.  Sweet shifts transform from pink or green to a funky purple when exposed to sunlight.  One really cool club dress features lightning bolts that pulsate in time to surrounding music.  Ladies and gentlemen, we've come a long way from hypercolor.

Well, today, the missing bag o' samples is still out of commission, but instead of a product review, I thought I'd share with you a win-win opportunity.  October may be the month of ghosties and ghoulies, but it's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Yes, vampires and werewolves are scary, but they're nowhere near as scary as what 207,090 women will face this year alone.  Not trying to be a downer, just stating the facts.

That said, there are wonderful organizations out there that are working to make this horrible situation a little less scary for those affected by cancer.  One such organization is the Cosmetic Executive Women Foundation’s Cancer & Careers program, a resource for working women battling cancer.  They work with patients, employers, caregivers, and co-workers, providing guidance and information both during and after treatment. 

So, what's the win-win?  Well, DuWop is donating a portion of their Pink Shimmer Lip Venom sales to Cancer & Careers.  Now, I have not tried this particular product (I'll have a review of Twilight Venom soon, though), so I can't vouch for it.  What I can say is that it's a pink shimmery (duh) version of their original Lip Venom, and supposedly plumps lips and leaves them with a soft, reflective, natural-looking flush.  The two reviews on Amazon are both 5-star and very enthusiastic.  $17, DuWop.  Through October 11th, use the code AWARE and save 30%. 


  1. i don't know what's worse - what the 1980s did to our collective sense of what appropriate color combinations should be, or that the fashion of that era just keeps coming back. shudder.

  2. I keep seeing fluorescent crinolins in little girls' departments. It makes me nervous. Very, very nervous.

  3. LOVE Lip Venom! I can't live without it. The sting and the color is addictive! Thanks for the heads up... I'm happy to buy more!

  4. I know what you guys mean. I saw a woman the other day wearing stirrup pants... STIRRUP PANTS! It was so awful that I felt compelled to stalk her through the supermarket until I could snap a picture with my cellphone because I didn't think my friends would believe me.


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