Friday, October 1, 2010

Pretty Playthings

So, you've finally figured out what you think you might want to be for Halloween, but you're really not sure how that crazy makeup will look, and you wish you could find out before you spend all that money on (most likely) one-time-use cosmetics.  Guess what?  There's an app for that.

That's right, now you can virtually try on makeup looks from your iPhone.  No brushes or walking around the mall without "your face on" necessary, and the products available for you to play with include brands like CoverGirl and Clinique.

ModiFace, creator of the ever popular "MakeUp" iPhone app, has re-launched its program with upgraded features--such as being able to use your Facebook photo or a picture from your iPhone as your test photo--and now comes with ten pre-packaged virtual looks to try on, including "bridal", "sunkissed", and, of course, "Halloween".  For more information, you can visit ModiFace's site, or download the app here.  I don't have an iPhone (I'm sad and behind the times, apparently), but if any of you do and try this, I'd love to know what you think. 

Okay folks, in light of the missing bag o' samples (formerly known as the magic bag o' samples), I'm here with a product review, instead.  Last night, after work, I drug the Thomas with me to Dillard's to check out the Disney Villains stuff at the MAC counter.  Amazingly, only a couple of things were already sold out, so I was able to really check out the colors, packaging, and couple of new items.

First off, according to the salesperson, the collection went on sale online at Midnight either Tuesday or Wednesday (not the 27th, as was originally announced).  That just makes the sell-out even crazier, I think.  She told me that they're expecting this collection to be more popular than either Hello Kitty or Barbie, and was expecting Ebay prices to skyrocket once collectors start their auctions.  Honestly, I hadn't even thought about Ebay.  I still wear my Hello Kitty and Barbie lipglasses.  I know not to take my action figures out of their boxes, but it never occurred to me that people actually collected cosmetics like that. 

Anyway, I got to really look at the products, and the colors are gorgeous.  All shades are taken from the original Pantone colors used to paint the animation cells, and all are eye-poppingly bright and beautiful, if not entirely wearable.  For example, I'm not sure how many people could pull off a true purple lipcolor, but if you want to try, they've got one.

The packaging was a little less than what I'd hoped for.  Yes, I'd seen pictures of the products, but seeing them in person left a little to be desired.  Basically, it's your normal MAC packaging, but with a picture of a Disney villain printed on the side.  With Hello Kitty and Barbie, we got new logos and designs.  Maybe they didn't want to detract from the artistry that went into creating the characters?  Whatever the reason, the packaging was somewhat plain, and a little kiddie for my personal taste.

Now, for the products.  I've been using MAC lipglass, lipstick, powder, and blush for years, so there was really no point in testing those out.  Same products, new shades.  I was interested in two products, the Dr. Facilier Lipgelee in Resort Life, and the same character's Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Truth and Light.

First, the powder.  It's a lot lighter and sheerer in person than it appears on a computer screen.  It's appropriate for light to medium-complexions, and I'd say it's comparable to BareEscentuals Hydrating Mineral Veil, only a bit softer in texture.  The salesperson let me test a little on my hand, and it feels almost wet going on.  It's pretty neat, and even Thomas wanted to play with it (but only on my hand, of course.  He didn't want to be shiny, I guess.  Go figure).  I would imagine it would be really refreshing on a hot Summer day.  It leaves behind a definite shimmer, so I wouldn't suggest using this as an all-over powder.  You'd run a real risk of looking oily, but it would make a really nice highlighter, or look pretty dusted on your shoulders.  $29.50, and still available online at time of writing.

Next, I played with the Lipgelee.  Now, according to the salesperson, this shade, Resort Life, is actually a re-issue of a really popular Summer color.  I'd wondered about that, since I don't remember any mention of a resort or resort life in The Princess and the Frog.  I'm guessing it's not taken directly from the Pantone color pallette.

This is a squeeze tube of not-too sticky (a little, but not as bad as Lipglass) lip gloss.  It's a nude base with pale pink overtones, and tons of crystal shimmer.  Honestly, when you put it on, you look a little like a Bratz doll.  Now, I don't consider that a bad thing, but I love glitter, and this is highly reflective glitter, at that.  It's a great "going out", weekend, or casual Friday gloss.  Pair it with denim-colored smoky eyes and tons of mascara, and you've got yourself a modern Brigitte Bardot.  It's fun, a little daring, and more than a little naughty--everything a Disney Villain should be.  I snapped up a tube at $15.50, put it on, and have been making kissy faces at the mirror ever since.  Sold out online, but may still be available in stores, or heck, check Ebay.

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  1. ooh, that lip gelee's nice. it kinda resembles the love nectar lipglass. i was finally forced to abandon viva glam V when i re-colored my hair, and they gave me sandy b lipstick with love nectar to layer. it actually works really well (though i miss my old crutch!).


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