Monday, July 23, 2012

Luxury Look-Alikes: NARS Orgasm vs. Revlon Peach Parfait

You know how NARS Orgasm (sorry, Mom!) anything is an instant cult favorite? Well, I found a drugstore product that could easily drink the kool-aid and fit right in. Right now, NARS has two individual blushes, a blush palette, a bronzer duo, an all-over stick (The Multiple), an illuminator, two lip glosses, and a nail polish. You know what they don't have (I mean, besides a partridge in a pear tree)? A lip butter! You know who has one that's a dead ringer* for Orgasm (sorry, Mom!)? Revlon!

I'm not even slightly kidding, folks. It's pretty startling how much these look like each other.

With my well-worn, de-potted NARS Orgasm (sor--oh, you get the point...)
With my newer, still in the packaging, NARS Super Orgasm.
The color is Peach Parfait, and is the shade worn by Emma Stone in the advertisements. The ad image looks nothing like the real deal, and actually almost kept me from buying this. It looks beautiful on her, but the color in the ad looks like an orangey peach. In reality, it's more of a golden peachy-pink.

Swatched on my lips. You can see that it's much less opaque, pinker, and has tiny flecks of gold running throughout.
Just to drive the point home, I used NARS Orgasm in all of my makeup today. I layered NARS Orgasm illuminator over a golden peach eyeshadow base (Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow in Sippin' 'n' Dippin'), and underneath a light dusting of NARS Orgasm blush. Highlights courtesy of Stila Kitten eyeshadow, and bronzer by Too Faced in Sun Bunny. There were other products involved, but those are the only real "color" items.

Might I add, it's hotter than Hades with a million percent humidity. I gave up on my hair around July 7th or 8th. I'll care again in October.
Folks, it's the same color. Flat out. If you are a fan of the Orgasm line, but want something other than a gloss on your lips, snap up Peach Parfait. It's a universally flattering color that will be just as appropriate this Fall and Winter as it has been this Spring and Summer. Added perk: it's roughly a third of the cost of a NARS gloss.

Anybody else have a find, dupe, or must-have they want to share? Leave it in the comments. Thanks!

*Note: This is not a dupe for anything in the NARS Orgasm collection. It's simply the same color as everything in that collection. I repeat: there is not a lip butter in the collection, and this is not a dupe for the glosses. Thank you, The Management.

P.S. Do you know how hard it was to come up with a title for this that didn't involve both "orgasm" (unavoidable) and "fake", or worse, "butter"? This could have shown up under some very interesting Google searches...yikes...

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