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You Don't Even Need a Helmet: Tokidoki Prisma Lipgloss in Rocketeer

Photo Credit: Sephora
As promised, I now have a review of Tokidoki Prisma Lipgloss ($15, Sephora--currently on sale for $7). Seems the UPS guy finally took pity on me and delivered my order, so there may be even more reviews coming soon. Or not. I'm fickle that way.

So, a little backstory on this particular purchase: in addition to being a lipgloss junkie and slave to all things cutesy, I'm also a sentimental fool. When Thomas asked me out for our first date, he did it with flowers. That's right, folks. My sweet husband found out what kind of flowers I liked (daisies--they don't make me sneeze) and had them delivered to my house. When he picked me up, there was my favorite Starbucks drink (decaf, non-fat caramel macchiatto, for those keeping score) waiting for me in the car. We ate dinner in a charming little Italian place (*cough* that's currently condemned for too many health violations *cough* but was really nice at the time *cough, cough*), then got ice cream and ended up at his apartment, where we watched The Rocketeer. Seriously, how much more wholesome can you get than a Walt Disney movie? We were good children. Anyway, by the end of that date--heck, by the middle--I'd decided I'd like to keep him around.

With that in mind, how could I pass up a lipgloss with an itty-bitty Rocketeer encased in the cap? How? I couldn't. There was no way.

What Sephora has to say:
These non-sticky glosses offer a sheer touch of color and a yummy blueberry flavor, plus protective kudzu and marine extracts. Each gloss cap holds a criminally cute tokidoki character inside a snow globe, so you can take the playful tokidoki spirit wherever you go. The clear silicone paddle applies gloss smoothly and evenly. These products are not tested on animals.
They're also paraben-free, if you're into that. I am.

What I have to say:

OMGLOLROFLMAOIDKABCXYZBBQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so I have no idea what that even means, but I feel the need to type in tween text speak, now. This packaging is too freaking cute for words! First off, it comes in a clear plastic box, littered with little Sanrio-on-crack-esque characters. The tube, itself, is brilliant in its simplicity. You get a generously-sized square tube. I emphasize the square because, really, it just makes sense. My makeup train case has squared-off compartments and a flat bottom. Squared objects fit better than rounded ones. Likewise, my makeup tray is completely squared-off. Even the individual comparments for lipsticks and glosses are squared, even though most lipstick and gloss tubes are round. That has never made sense to me. Plus, the square shape makes this easy for me to blindly locate in the bottom of my gaping voi--um...purse. Yeah, that's what I meant. Purse. Moving on.

As I said, this is a very simple tube. Clear plastic displays the gloss inside. A black band separates the cap from the tube, and the minimalistic Tokidoki logo is printed in black down one side. Left as is, this would be a grown-up, sophisticated piece of packaging. But it's not. Not by a longshot. See, the cap is clear, large, and hollow. That emptiness is filled by a teensy little Rocketeer, and about a zillion pieces of magenta and silver heart and crossbones confetti. It kind of jingles when you shake it.

It makes me happy.

At this point, I'm already squeeing myself into a little puddle of tween-ish delight, without ever opening the tube. However, the gloss, itself, is the most important part of this review. Onward!

When you open the tube, the first thing you notice is the fragrance. "Blueberry Muffins" is the only way I can describe it. Well, "yummy" is another description, I guess. The second thing that'll catch your eye is the applicator. It's not a brush, nor is it one of those little fuzzy wand thingies. This is a clear, flat, flexible, plastic paddle. It's ingenious. The paddle is comforable, distributes well, lines beautifully, and best of all, never gets gummed up with product. Also, if you apply this over a lipstick, you don't have to worry about the lipstick sticking to the applicator and getting mixed with the gloss in the tube. How has this just been thought of?

The gloss is amazing. It's not completely non-sticky--you might get your hair caught in it on a windy day--but it's not goopy, and it won't make your significant other miserable if they kiss you, or worse, you kiss them on the cheek. Ever try to get goopy gloss out of stubble? No worries with this. I also feel like my lips are well-moisturized with this gloss.

The color, in the case of Rocketeer, is a scary black-ish purple. When you pull the applicator out of the tube, though, the color has diluted to something more akin to blueberry pie filling (appropriate, I suppose). Then, when you apply it to your lips, the gloss goes on so sheerly that you end up with a very flattering, high-shine, berry flush. It's really pretty, and great for a naturally glowing Summer look. I paired it with shimmering neutral eyeshadows, bronzed cheeks, and beachy waves for a care-free but polished Cali-girl look.

Tokidoki Prisma sale glosses also come in Burger (sheer orange), Bullets (sheer berry), and Sandy (sheer apple green, but I hear it's actually pretty colorless). Other colors can be found here for $15 each.

Gripes: Not terribly long-lasting. Non-plumping.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10. As long as I keep it around for touch-ups, this is a cutie-patootie keeper.

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  1. that sounds AMAZING. i am always in favor of things scented like blueberry. it's a highly underrated fragrance. that glitter i used to wear religiously when we were in high school was such a staple because a) it was the mid-90s and glitter was a civic religion; b) it was blue; and c) it smelled like blueberries. how can you go wrong?


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