Monday, May 13, 2013

"Arrest"-ingly Beautiful Polishes (Even If You've Never Actually Seen a Chicken)

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a while back that Arrested Development's return after seven years of cancellation sounded like a joke that would be on Arrested Development. I agree, and am looking forward to lauging along with the Bluth family's absurd sense of humor once more. So, imagine my delight when an Etsy surfin' safari led me to a store selling handmade nail polishes, inspired by the show!

The Lady Varnishes (I love that) store boasts several different collections inspired by movies and television shows. The "Huge Mistake" collection features polishes with names like, "Light Treason" and "Denim Cut-Offs", which are sure to be a hit with any AD fan. My favorite of the group? "Slut Shirt", of course. I'm a sucker for red glitter.

Photo Credit: The Lady Varnishes
Polishes in this collection run $8.50 for .5 oz. They are all hand mixed, and each bottle comes with a charm. Order four polishes at one time, and receive a chain for your charms.

Have a great day, guys, and remember: there's always money in the banana stand.

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