Thursday, May 2, 2013

This Is Not a Post: Letter from the Editor

I'm going to level with you; I have stuff to blog about. I have a few more Color Tattoos and a limited edition Revlon Lip Butter to share with you, and I've been playing around with some skincare stuff. On top of that, I've become completely addicted to Bates Motel, and have a couple of fun posts planned regarding that show. I've also started two fitness programs (yeah, you read that right: two), and I wanted to fill you in on how they work, seeing as swimsuit season is right around the corner. Thing is, I haven't been able to swatch anything, take any pictures, or even do all of the exercises, and I don't want to half-@$$ a post just so there's something on the blog. I too much respect for you (and, quite frankly, myself) to do that. You guys deserve better.

These posts will come, and they will be awesome. I promise that. Right now, though, I have to get over this sinus cold, take the four bags of rock out of my car and spread them around the garden, actually landscape the garden so that it exists, trap the raccoons in my attic and chimney, prepare for a couple of performances, paint the gosh-darn doors on the house, put together a futon, find a place to put the futon, and get the weird smell from the raccoons in the attic and chimney out of my house.

And that's just for starters.

I'll be in and out, but posts are probably going to be a little sporadic for a while. Please stick with me, though, 'cause stuff's going to get interesting.

Love you guys!

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