Friday, July 9, 2010

Hug it Out

Last night, in the absence of a new Burn Notice, Thomas and I pulled up the Netflix streaming and decided to go with the mindless fun of Mystery Science Theatre 3ooo. The film for the evening: Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy!

Worst. Episode. Ever. I am a huge MST3K fan. Had the entire movie memorized in high school, and knew I'd get along with my college academic advisor when I saw he had an MST3K screensaver. I've watched this show forever, and even went to the Plan 9 from Outer Space live event. I'm a Mystie. I admit it.

The movie was so bad, these guys had trouble getting through it. Best line of the night: "They're just covering plot holes with asphalt now." We FINALLY get to the big fight--the TITLE fight--between the robot (a guy in cardboard boxes) and the Aztec mummy (a guy in a bad Halloween costume), and the only thing keeping poor Thomas from throwing a shoe at the television, and...they basically just hug it out, which gets me thinking about a robot and a mummy hugging it out. Which gets me surfing. Which gets me this:


                               Photos by Etsy and  Entertainment Earth
I want them to hug it out!! I'll hug them!! The robot is from Etsy, and there are only 10 available at $30.00 each. The mummy is from FUNKO (same as the cute Wolfman) and will be $12.99 starting in October 2010.


  1. I want those guys to hug it out too!

    MST3K ROCKS! I once saw a VHS copy of This Island Earth in one of those now-rapidly disappearing fye-type stores back in the day. I should have gotten it..

  2. they finally released "this island earth" on DVD recently. it's up on amazon:

    the robot is about the most precious thing ever...

  3. But do I need a copy? I can quote the entire movie!!! "There goes a stupid, stupid man...I'm gonna curl up in a sock drawer and sleep for days...It's the amazing technicolor cheese wedge!"

    I want the robot and the mummy. I will reenact the anti-climactic finish to that movie. :)


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