Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The "Important" Awards

Well, shoot. The Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, and, once again, I was snubbed. Next, they're going to try to tell me my invitation was "lost in the mail". Again. Well, fine. If they want to be that way, I'll find another awards ceremony to participate in. One where I'm appreciated. One where I'm needed.
One where I don't need a stylist. One where the only effort I have to put forward is clicking a mouse. Yeah...that's the ticket!

Shirt.Woot is preparing for their first ever T-List Awards, and they need our help. If you're unfamiliar with Shirt.Woot, it's a t-shirt company (probably gathered that), but an exceptionally cool one. Some shirts are your typical joke designs, but some are truly, artistically beautiful. Each day, a new shirt is featured for ten bucks with free shipping. There's also a page called "The Reckoning" where shirts that are currently available are ranked by popularity. The more popular, the longer it stays. If it doesn't sell well, it's gone. This is my current favorite, a blend of giggle and beauty (seriously, that dragon is gorgeous).

The T-List will honor the best designs of the year, as voted on by YOU! Go to "The Battle" (linked above), and cast your vote. Two shirts will be shown to you, and you click on the one you like most. It's that easy. I warn you, though, it's a long list of choices, and can take forever, but you can stop whenever you feel like it. They won't mind.  
As for that other awards ceremony, I'm really happy for all the nominees, especially little Hailee Steinfeld. I saw True Grit, and was blown away by her performance. At only 13 years old (14 now), she not only held her own with the big boys, but carried that entire movie. A lesser actor could have easily made that character cloying and cutesy, and possibly even brought the film down into Walmart Family Movie Night territory, but she nailed it. I'm impressed with the young lady, and can only hope she goes the path of Jody Foster or Natalie Portman, and not the way of the *ahem* Pop Tart. Congratulations!


  1. The white image on the shirt, is that a marshmallow? Looks like one.

  2. Yeah, it's a little marshmallow with a chocolate bar shield, trying not to be a s'more. :)

  3. LOVE the t-shirt. i must have it.

    and i can't WAIT to see true grit. we were sure it would be nominated for best picture, so we held out for the marathon next month. (we've already seen three of the ten movies.) the only one that i'm really not interested in is "127 hours." other than that, this should be good.

  4. I just love his determined little face! As for the movie, it's fantastic. I highly recommend it. The kid can flat-out act.


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