Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacation 2: Electric Boogaloo

Previously on Adorable Napalm:

Thomas and I went on vacation to Altanta, GA. There, I found a Filene's Basement and a cute t-shirt at the Center for Puppetry Arts. Oh, and our GPS, Jack (we named the GPS Jack), was apparently drunk, and sent us forty miles out of the city to eat at a Logan's, when all we wanted to do was go to a movie theatre in the mall. But that wasn't in the last post. Oops. Dinner was tasty, though. *ahem* Moving on...

So, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a Sephora nut. Unfortunately, we don't have one in town. Well, we have the little one inside JC Penney's, but it doesn't count. I mean that literally. Purchases made there don't count towards Beauty Insider (loyalty club) rewards or V.I.B. (premium level) status. The thought of going inside a full-size Sephora and actually being able to buy something and take it home with me that day was almost too much for my little heart to take. And there were more than one. Had there been a Starbucks attached, I would have thought I'd died and gone to Heaven.

With that, I apologized to Thomas for the massive amount of time I was about to spend in the extremely crowded girly store (Thomas: "I don't mind. It makes you pretty." I love him so much), then ran head first into the fray.
Photo by Sephora
The first thing I noticed (read: nearly tripped over walking through the door) was Buxom's new line of Stay There eyeshadows. These are supposed to be waterproof, non-creasing, and long-wearing. According to Buxom, they'll be your "faithful friends", so they're all named after dogs. That's cute, but I'm not sure it's the most effective marketing. Beauty products are supposed to keep you from looking like a dog, afterall.

Photo by Sephora
The only color available in store was Mutt, a really pretty mettalic taupe (Thomas: "It looks like a penny"). That's a color I tend to wear a lot, so I scooped up one of the few remaining pots and headed over to the Buxom lipgloss. Yes, I looked at other stuff, too, but I won't bore you with all the gory details of disappointment over things not found.

I love Buxom lipgloss. Love it. From the cute pin-up girl packaging to the minty tingle that lasts, no kidding, for hours. I have several shades at home--some picked for the shade, itself, and others for the name. I mean, when I saw one with my best friend's daughter's name (Tempest!!! How often do you see stuff with the name Tempest on it?), I had to get it. Another, and one of my favorite shades to date (wearing it right now, actually), Clair, was bought after I played Claire in The Night Shift.

Photo by PrettySkin4Less
I settled in and starting looking at shades, when Thomas looked down and pointed at one. Ruby. I was looking for a reddish color, but this seemed awfully dark, and more of a purple in the store's lighting. I was skeptical.

Me: Really?
Thomas: Yeah!! Ruby!!
Me: You really like it better than Starr?
Thomas: It's RUBY!!!!! Yes!!!
Me: Is Starr just too glittery? I mean, they're similar shades, but Starr is a sheer gloss, and Ruby is more of a liquid...wait a minute. You just want me to get it because it's Ruby. From Supernatural.
Thomas: YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! And yeah, that other is way too glittery. GET RUBY!!!

I suppose I should be grateful that my husband's sudden interest in lipstick stemmed only from a crush on Katie Cassidy.

Long story short (I know, too late), they were out, but I found it in another store and humored the boy.

Now, for the reviews:

Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow in Mutt: This stuff is weird. It's the strangest texture I have dealt with. The only way I can even describe it is, well, think of wet/dry florist's foam. The eyeshadow dents when you put a brush to it. It's not liquid, but not solid. It's squolid.

The color is very sheer but buildable. It's just very difficult to tell if you've actually gotten any on the brush. I might note that I am not using the special Buxom eyeshadow brush made specifically for this product, but it's not necessary. The eyeshadow is waterproof, and after hours of wearing it, looks as good as it did when it was put on. Basically, it lives up to its claims. It's just bizarre.

Final Tally: It does what it says, but could have better pigmentation. The texture is also difficult to pick up with a brush. I'll try a different color, at some point, but I'm not rushing out to get it. 6 out of 10., $17.

Buxom Lips, Ruby: Holy Cow! I have a new favorite! I really wasn't sure about this color. It looked too deep and blue for me in the store, but once I saw it in natural light and put it on, I was hooked. It's a berry mauve color, and one that I would call universally flattering. The gloss is opaque, like a liquid lipstick, but the applicator keeps it from globbing on and allows the color to build to whatever intensity you prefer.

Final Tally: Gorgeous color, mild plumping action, nice tingle. A rare 10 out of 10. Now I know why Sephora had it listed as a "Most Wanted" item. Oddly enough, you can't get this shade through I found it here for $18.


  1. i'm so stealing the word "squolid." too fabulous.

  2. Thank you. Glad to have added to the language. :)

  3. OK... you must help me. I've been wanting to buy Buxom Lips for years... but as you know, there isn't a local shop that has a selection. Anyway, I want something that is good for everyday... not too flashy. What do you suggest?

  4. Of the ones I have personally tried out, I think Clair. It's a sheer flattering mauve color. It is sparkly, but not obnoxiously so. You might also try the Buxom lip balm in Bora Bora (I posted about it, too). It's bright red in the container, but goes on sheer. No sparkly, just smooth and gives your lips a little extra color. Hope that helps!!

  5. Big surprise... the JCP in Spanish Fort, has a Sephora! So, I ran over there on my lunch break and got Clair... very pretty, and I got Betty! How could I not?

  6. The one in Bel Air mall opened today! I'm glad you like Clair. I haven't see Betty, but I'll have to go look at it. :)

  7. I'm totally bummed! I had to return my Buxom lip glosses :( I had an allergic reaction to them... I think it was the plumping agent that did it. I'll have to try the pots of lip balm... see how that goes. Dang! I loved those colors!!! Isn't that the way it would go?!

  8. OH NO!! Then stay away from the potted balms, too. They have the plumper, as well. Um...Tarte has a really pretty vitamin-infused lipgloss in comparable colors, and they use all natural ingredients. I'm also a huge fan of the e.l.f. mineral glosses, and they're only $3. I'm so sorry!!

  9. I'll check those out. No worries... who could have known? Figures, that as soon as you find a color that you really like, the make-up god's say, "thou shalt not have this brand of lip gloss... continue your search."


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