Friday, December 2, 2011

Frugal Friday: Now With Bonus Rant! (Or, At Least It's Not New Coke)

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A few weeks ago, I dropped a few coins in a Coke machine, hit the button, and got really, really miffed for a second. What looked like a Diet Coke dropped into the catcher, and while I do like to watch my caloric intake, I rarely drink sodas and I wanted a Coke! A real Coke! Fortunately, upon further inspection, I realized that I had, in fact, received a real Coke, but one in the new holiday can. Crisis averted.
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Well, not quite. Coke enthusiasts wents bonkers. Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube all lit up with diatribes against the company and its cans from angry fan after angry fan. Diet Coke drinkers were all a-flutter because they bought the wrong can. Regular Coke people were upset over thinking they'd gotten a Diet, and a few were convinced that the soda even tasted different because it came out of a white can.

Still and all, it's a can. More than that, it's a cute can with a fantastic purpose. It's goal: raise awareness for the World Wildlife Fund. Coke has partnered with the charity, and is hoping to donate somewhere around $3 million to helping endangered species. The product inside the can has not changed, and any confusion surrounding the outside of the can could be avoided by simply reading and paying attention. I know I'm probably going to catch a lot of flack for that, but it's true. Many people are fussing that the cans have always been red, that white is almost the same as silver (which Diet has always been), and how were they supposed to know that there had been a change? Answer: Read. Take responsibility for your own actions and for what you put into your own body, especially if you have a medical condition that requires you drink Diet. However, it doesn't matter now; the can has been discontinued, and another version--in red--has been issued.

I think it's ridiculous that a company had to discontinue and re-issue a product because its customers either refused to read the label or were flat-out delusional. Yeah, when I first saw my can, I thought I'd gotten a Diet Coke, but as soon as I picked the can up out of the machine I knew it was a Regular Coke. The word "Diet" was nowhere to be found. You know what else? It tasted exactly the same as it always had. The formula didn't change. They didn't decide to revert back to New Coke just for the holiday edition. The only thing that changed was the can, and to a very sophisticated, elegant, stylish design. It was truly beautiful (you know, for a soda can), and while the red is nice, it's just not the same.

But that's okay. They're on ebay now, but I'm all out of change. Anyone got $300 I can borrow?

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