Monday, February 11, 2013

Out Darn Spot!: Garnier Dark Spot Corrector Progress

Happy Lundi Gras!!!! I'm actually going to be at the big party this year, so look for pics coming soon. Of course, it's also supposed to pour buckets during the parades, so those pictures might be of the inside of the local shop. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Quick update: I've now been using the Garnier Nutritioniste Dark Spot Correcting Peel and Daily Moisturizer for six weeks, and I can tell a difference. My dark spots are nowhere near gone, but they are lighter and easier to cover with concealer. I'm going to continue using these products and keep you posted on the progress. I got mine on a BOGO, so I only paid around $16 for the set. That's a heckuva lot cheaper than an in-office procedure, I'll tell you that.

Have a fantastic Monday, and I'll see you soon!

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