Thursday, February 21, 2013

Now I Need a Pink Bubble and a Wand: Urban Decay Glinda Palette Review

I caved. My love of all things Oz and Disney and Urban Decay proved too great to ignore (plus, I had a coupon code), and I broke down and bought the Glinda palette. And you know what? I have zero regrets. It's utterly amazing. I was so wrong to have not been excited, because these are some seriously gorgeous shadows with great versatility. Let's take a look:

The outer packaging is pretty...

...and inside you get a beautiful tin, Super Saturated Lip Color, and a get the look card (that I haven't used).

Here are the shadows. Clockwise from top left: Tornado, Aura (duo), Magic, South, Oz (duo), and Illusion. My swatches were abysmal, but you can find some fantastic ones here. There's not a dud in the group, and a few far exceeded my expectations.

Tornado: Similar to Urban Decay Freakshow. Deep purple shimmer with reddish undertone.

Aura (duo): Both halves feature a white base with reflective pigments that skew either pink or blue. The pink side is sheer, slightly chalky, and more difficult with work with, but lovely. The blue side is still sheer, but much more buttery, and leaves a blue glow wherever it's placed. Stunning!

Magic: One of my two favorites. This is a blue based medium pink with tons of golden shimmer. It's universally flattering and looks downright ethereal on the eye. I'm currently obsessed with it.

South: My other favorite. Medium taupe, loaded with silver micro-glitter. It has a finish similar to the urban Decay Stardust shadows, and just glistens.

Oz (duo): The gold side has an antique look and is chock-full of glitter. It's a glitter-bomb, honestly, and I've had difficulty wearing it. It's not as bad as, say, Midnight Cowboy, but it is a discoball. The silver side is phenomenal, though. It looks on your lid like it does in the pan, and has almost a wet-look finish. It's that metallic. Patted on like a dream, and is a slightly blue based true silver.

Illusion: Pale peach satin. It's not super exciting, but makes a nice "eraser" color on fair skin, and would be very pretty as a lid color on darker tones.

The included travel-size 24/7 Glide-On Pencil is in the color Rockstar, and is part of the permanent collection. It's a rich eggplant, and a welcome alternative to black.

This photo has not been blurred. It was not soft-focused. This is just what it looks like when you blend these shadows out. I know I already used the term "ethereal" to describe it, but that's the most apt adjective I've got. I used every single color in this look. Oz (silver) is all over the lid. Tornado is in the crease. I blended out the line between Tornado and Oz with Oz (gold), and then used Magic to blend out the crease. Illusion went from crease to brow, with Aura (pink) as a brow highlight. Aura (blue) is in the inner corner. South lines the lower lashline. Rockstar on upper lashline.

All in all, I'm ecstatic over this palette. There is fallout with most of the shadows--not as much as with the old formula, but a significant amount. If you wear these, do your foundation after your eyes. It'll make it easier to clean up.

Sorry about that lovely nose shot, but I couldn't get the cropping program to work. Yay! This is the lip color in Glinda. It's a peachy-pink nude, and reminds me a lot of the Lip Junkie shade Naked. The product is creamy, moisturizing, ridiculously glossy, and long-wearing. The gloss will wear off before the rest of the color, so bear that in mind. Personally, I have no complaints.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10. The fallout's a little irksome, but I can totally deal with it for all of these gorgeous colors!

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