Monday, April 22, 2013

Shimmering Scavenger Hunt: Maybelline Limited Edition Summer Color Tattoo Review

I swear, Maybelline must have read every busy girl's mind when they created the Color Tattoo line. I'm completely addicted to them now, and while I don't have (or need) anywhere near the entire line, I do have quite a few. I just use my finger to pat a little on my eye lid, possibly add a crease color (if I'm feeling motivated and fancy), a little liner and mascara, and BAM! Good to go!

Obviously, when I heard that there was a limited edition collection (that I can not seem to find for sale anywhere online), I went on a little scavenger hunt around town to find them. Three days and six stores later, the Heavens parted and the angels sang right there in the middle of a Rite Aid, that just so happened to be next to a Checkers, where Thomas had a craving for ice cream. In other words, I just sort of stumbled across them. Even better, they were Buy One Get One 1/2 Off. Eureka!

The six colors available were all quite pretty. I was immediately drawn to Cool Crush, a shimmering silver with indigo duo-chrome. For the half-off shade, I let Thomas pick (why not?), and he chose Icy Mint, a pearlescent true mint green.
Left: Icy Mint. Right: Cool Crush.

Left: Icy Mint. Right: Cool Crush. Direct light on top, going into shade at the bottom. Icy Mint is really sheer. That's swatched pretty heavily. The Cool Crush is only swatched once.

I've had a chance to wear both, and overall, I'm very happy. The Icy Mint is perfect for anyone who wants to experiment with pastels, but is a little shy about it. It's sheer, and when worn on the lid only, gives just a hint of Spring-y color. I paired it with Tease from the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Cool Crush is definitely not as subdued, given all of the sparkle and shine that comes with it, but can still be day appropriate. I wore it paired with Tornado from the Urban Decay Glinda palette, and they seemed almost made for each other. My only complaint is that, on my eyes, they do fade slightly. Oddly enough, they seem to fade at the crease first, leaving the area closest to my lashes nice and vibrant. It's weird, y'all.

The other colors in the line are:
Waves of White--iridescent white with pink and blue shifts. Think: Aura from the Glinda palette, only in a cream form.
Shady Shores--creamy yellow with green undertones.
Lavish Lavender--shimmering, well, lavender. Kinda says it all in the name...
Seashore Frosts--shimmering blue-gray with copper duo-chrome.

I actually went back to Rite Aid today and picked up Seashore Frosts. I'd considered it the first time around, and after a weekend of sleeping on it, decided to bite the bullet. I haven't gotten to play with it, though, so it's not included in this review. The other shades are absolutely beautiful, but I have Aura and rarely use it, so Waves of White seemed unnecessary. I do love yellow eyeshadow (really), but I have two gold bases already. I also went through a purple phase not too long ago, so I've got more than enough purple eyeshadow. Plus, Cool Crush has some serious purple in it, anyway--if you get one, you probably don't need to get the other. I felt like Icy Mint, Cool Crush, and Seashore Frosts were the most unique, un-dupe-able shades in the bunch. (If you'd like to see all of these colors swatched, check out Swatch Soiree's review. There are some extraordinarily helpful photos posted, along with some beautiful looks.)

So, are they worth hunting for? If you like Color Tattoos (or MAC Paint Pots, or Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows), shimmer, and Spring-y colors, then absolutely. The staying power is pretty good (a primer would stop that fading, but I'm lazy), the shades that are unique are truly unique, and the price point is pretty darn unbelievable (less than seven bucks before any discounts or promos).

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10. Good luck storming the drugstores!

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