Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random Observations and Hard Truths

Either I dress like a seventeen year-old boy, or there's a kid at the mall who dresses like a 32 year-old woman. In either case, it made for an awkward moment outside of Hollister last night.

Why do the owners on Bar Rescue get so bent out of shape over Taffert changing the name or redesigning the interior? He does that on every episode. Did they not watch the show before signing up? I could understand the first couple of seasons, but it's been on for a while now.

In my town, there is a cupcake shop next to a gym, and a Baskin Robbins next to a Weight Watchers. There's a special place in Hell for those sweet shoppe owners.

Pineapple-Banana smoothies and Pinterest-inspired single-serve salads are awesome. They make a fantastic lunch, and I feel so much healthier for eating that today. It was even better when followed by a Cadbury Caramel Egg.

I should consider joining that gym next to the cupcake shop.

Facebook is a complete and total productivity-sucker. That said, if I ever stopped scrolling through it, I might miss gems like this:
Photo Credit: Facebook (The Walking Dead Memes, via Rosemary Martin)
I laughed for about a minute.
The other day at Target, I saw two really cute belted dresses that I considered trying on...until I realized they were in the maternity section. Why are there belted dresses in the maternity section?

I really want a red velvet cupcake. Darn you, cupcake shop!

It costs as much today to go to a matinee flick as it did for my first date to take me to a nighttime showing. Thank God for Netflix.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to explain to my brother what life was like before the Internet. Ouch.

One of my brother's friends had never seen a rotary phone until he saw my mother's decorative princess phone. He asked how to text on it...and was serious. Double ouch.

Walgreen's only had 100+ sunscreen when I ran out of what I had and needed to buy another tube. I think I'm getting paler.

Thomas and I are buying a house, finishing a movie, preparing for a festival, and working our regular jobs. Whoever invented the frozen margarita in a bag, I salute you.

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