Monday, January 27, 2014

Is That...? Oh, God! *Gasp* NOOO!!! Part III: L'Oreal Youth Code Power Trio

Well, it's been three weeks with the L'Oreal Youth Code Power Trio, and I have what I think are some interesting results. Let's have a look, shall we?

First off, let me mention that I quit using the cleanser, as it didn't work worth a flip, and I also used a pore clearing mask and an exfoliating mask to try to undo the damage. The cleansers that I have used instead have been the Olay makeup removing wipes and the Olay Regenerist exfoliating cream cleanser (which is what I used prior to the L'Oreal). The end.

So, here are week 2 (right) and week 3 (left):

It's very subtle, but there is some change. The skin's texture is smoother, and pores are less pronounced. The crease is still there, and while it's more noticeable in the week 3 picture, it does appear to be shallower. As with last week, these photos were taken in the same room, with the same camera, and the same settings.

For a more dramatic difference, let's compare week 1 (left) with week 3 (right):

Wow. The skin's texture is significantly smoother and brighter, pores are noticeably minimized, and everything seems firmer and lifted. The area around the nose also appears a lot drier, however.

As I've stated, the cleanser didn't actually clean, but it does look like the serum and moisturizer are doing something for me. My thoughts on those products have not changed, and you can read a full run-down on them here. All in all, I've got to call this a win, and I intend to repurchase the serum and moisturizer when I run out of the travel sizes.

Have you guys tried anything like this? Did it work? Please share in the comments.

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