Monday, August 15, 2011

The Next Cake I Make Will Be Full of Rum, Thank You.

It's that time of year again! Today marks the deadline of Threadcakes '11! For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, Threadcakes is an online cake decorating competition; think: Food Network Challenge, but from the comfort of your own home, and without Kerry Vincent's precious, yet fear-inducing accent. What really makes this a fun and challenging contest, though, is the fact that each cake must be based (however loosely) on a Threadless t-shirt design of the baker's choice. Pictures are uploaded, and a panel of celebrity judges picks the winner.

I just got my pictures uploaded. The contest ends at midnight. My heart should start beating again in a few minutes.

Honestly, though, I have no delusions of ever winning this thing. In fact, Thomas and I have started referring to it as "that cake contest we lose every year". I don't say this for sympathy. I say this because I am truly in awe of some of the spectacular creations that are churned out each year. Plus, I'm only a recreational decorator. I use this contest as a learning experience. Case in point, the first year we did this, we learned to cover a cake with fondant, make gum paste figures, and pour sugar glass. Last year, we added in modeling chocolate and ganache, and this year we learned about rice krispy treat sculpting, and that we should avoid like the plague ever doing it again. (And yet, we totally will on the next cake. Probably even if we don't need to. They're yummy.)

So, in honor of all the hard working decorators who entered this year, I give you a sampling of some of my personal favorites, not already featured on other sites (that I knew of). Now, if only I could taste them...
Mr. Salad
That's not lettuce. That's actually modeling chocolate, and I am in awe. I cannot even begin to imagine how long that took the decorator.

That is fondant made from rice, garlic-pressed into looking like rice. Easily, the cutest sushi ever.

...Red Riding Hood. Never mess with a tiny woman. I could have told those pigs and wolf that much.

How gorgeous is that painting?! And the 3D roses! It's flawless, I say. Flaw. Less.

And this is mine. least we had fun. That's what matters. I do think my little dino is cute, though. And it all tasted good. And my cellphone takes lousy pictures. 

The gallery is up, and you can like, tweet, +1, and comment on all of your favorites, so show some cake decorating love!


  1. those are AMAZING. your dino is precious!

    (but am i a bad friend if i admit that i am 100% in love with the lettuce one?)

  2. Not a bad friend at all. I bow down before that kind of talent.


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