Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That's My Bag, Baby!: Modella Travel Bag Review

Photo Credit: Overstock.com
Things are crazed around here today, so I'm going to leave you with my latest must-have find. If you do any traveling at all, you're going to want to surf on over to Overstock.com right now (they may sell out), or hit up your local Wal-Mart (where I found mine) and pick up a Modella Fitted Weekender Bag with Travel Bottles. Obviously, it's not a quart-sized plastic baggie, so it's not getting past TSA in your carry-on, but it's easily the nicest travel bag I've seen in a long, long time.

The outside zippered section is breathable mesh, and houses sturdy, taut elastic loops and mesh pockets for either the enclosed bottles (which are great) or your own travel-sized toiletries. There's also a bath pouf included in the Wal-Mart version, and what looks like a bar soap holder in the Overstock. 

The next zipper bisects (big word!) the interior, with a clear plastic upper compartment, and another breathable mesh compartment below. You can tell that the plastic is "upper" because there's a handy dandy little hook for hanging on the shower rod or towel bar. These are very roomy compartments, with plenty of room for all of your travel-sized necessities. I mean, it's not going to hold your full-sized cans of whatever, but you're traveling. You don't need 16 ounces of goo

I'm using the plastic compartment for things like my toothpaste, shaving cream...things that could possibly explode. Laugh, but I've had it happen before. I've never had so much fun in my life as I did cleaning moisturizer out of my luggage, then trudging all over NYC to find a CVS to replace it (I'm particular about my moisturizer, okay?). I used every.single.towel in the room, and gave the hairdryer a significant workout. Ah, memories...

Anyway, the mesh compartment is large enough to hold a couple of makeup palettes, a few brushes, foundation...basically everything you'll need. To give you some idea how awesome that is, the last time I traveled, I needed two (2) dump train cases to get all my stuff to and from Florida. I fit everything in this bag. This isn't a bulky bag, either. It lays flat, and takes up very little space. It's just well-utilized space.

Overstock has a pink and black one for $19.95. Supposedly it has four compartments. I never found a fourth, but this case may be a slightly different style. My pink plaid case from the local brick and mortar Wally World was less than $15. 

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10. It's darn near close to perfect. 

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