Friday, January 27, 2012

Frugal Friday: This Is How My Mind Works

Some random observations from today:

Someone is always getting married on the Young & the Restless. Seriously. About once a week (in the 30 minutes, or so, that I catch most days before I go to work), someone will either announce an engagement, find themselves in a forced/arranged/sham marriage, get word that their ex is betrothed to their enemy and will be their kid's step-parent (whoa), or--crazy as it sounds--actually walk down the aisle. Of course, then someone will have to try to stop the ceremony by objecting, shooting someone, or having the bride or groom arrested. I'm telling you, that is one heckuva town. Vegas never had it so interesting.

Weddings make me think of cake. Now I want cake. There's a cupcake shop on the corner near my new house. I will never lose this weight. Oh well.

You don't so much clean an unused bathtub as you dust it. In some ways, I find that to be more difficult. Not only that, do you have any idea how galling it is to exert so much effort cleaning something that was never used? Well, I take that back. It was used once as a crime scene for a friend's student film, but then the only stuff that went into it was fake blood, and that was made with dishwashing detergent; so, in effect, the only thing that's ever been in that tub was soap...and I still had to clean it. That's just irritating.

Oh! There's a gym nextdoor to the cupcake shop! I could join the gym, and then work off whatever calories were in the cup--oh, I can't even get through that sentence. The shop is walking distance from the house, though. I could just walk to and from the cupcake-y goodness, and that wouldn't be so bad. Yeah! That's a plan!

You should never lose hope. Just because you step up to the Plinko game of life with only two chips, and the first one lands on $0, you shouldn't give up. It only takes one chip to hit $10,000. Your chip could be that one.

Forget the cupcakes! I don't need them! I will lose this weight! I will be strong! Now...what can I do about that pesky Krispy Kreme down the street? Sigh...

And now, for this week's deals:

E.L.F.: Get an 8-piece set (plus travel case) for $2 with any $20 online purchase. Just add the Sweetheart Collection set to your cart, along with $20 worth of merchandise, and enter code SWEET at checkout to get your discount. Offer valid until 1/30/12.

StyleMint: Existing members who buy any two Ts today will receive a free Cupid's Kit, which includes one best-selling JewelMint piece, a seamless cami, and either a lip stain or face cream. No code necessary.

JewelMint: Purchase any JewelMint piece today and receive the Take a Bow Ring for free with code BOWRING.

Have a great weekend, guys! (Now, go get your cupcake on!)

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