Monday, January 16, 2012

If I Can't Go To the Spa, I'll Bring the Spa To Me!

I confess. I did not watch the Golden Globes last night. I saw a few of the red carpet entrances, and thought that Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara both looked stunning, and wanted to push Zooey Deschanel's hair behind her ears, but other than that...I got nothing. Instead, I fought a horrible 24-hour stomach bug and watched Guillermo del Toro's Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, an episode of Sherlock, and the newest My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. I was sick. Don't judge me.

In addition to dealing with a stupid virus, I also spent much of this weekend moving house. We're nowhere near done, but things are starting to look a little less like piles of junk, and a little more like nice people live there. My living room curtains totally and completely suck, but other than that, I'm really happy with how things are turning out. I'll try to remember to take some pictures tonight when I go over with the next load o'stuff, but the guest bathroom and bedroom are quickly becoming my favorite rooms in the house.

The guest bathroom was this very strange shade of moss green, and there wasn't time to paint over it (we were already painting two other rooms), so I decided to go with it and try to create a very Zen atmosphere. I'm not done, yet--I still need to switch out the toilet seat cover and some light bulbs, and bring in a few little knick-knacks and pictures--but the current state is very promising.

As I said, I hope to take some pictures this evening, but here's how things are starting out:

Photo Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

First off, I kept the shower curtain I bought for the apartment. It's the same moss green with chocolate sections and itty-bitty coppery sequins. Bed Bath & Beyond, $44.99. (Dear God, I didn't pay anything near that much!) There is also a matching bathmat, but I can't find it online anywhere...yet. Working on it.

Photo Credit: Target
Next, my sweet Thomas hung some pretty little white shelves for me. One is about 11 inches long, and the one centered beneath it is 18. Here's the shorter of the two. Target's website hates me, so I can't locate the long one. They're only available in stores, anyway, and the two together ran about $15.

Photo Credit: Target
Across the top of the top, smaller shelf, runs this little row of white tealights. Target, $9.99 plus tealights.

Photo Credit: Target
The white sink with chrome fixtures is set in a beige countertop over dark wood cabinetry, I tried to combine as much of that as possible into a simple, elegant floral arrangement. Here's the best I could do, and I just love it. Target, $21.39.

Photo Credit: JC Penney (I got the one with the moss green stripes)
Of course, you have to have towels in a bathroom, and I decided to go with simple, basic white. These, from JC Penney, are the best towels I have ever used. They dry quickly, hold their color, and don't shed all over the place. $4.00 each, JC Penney.

Finally, I decided to fill the entire room with a soothing scent. Bath and Body Works has a wonderful line of Stress Relief aromatherapy products (prices vary). I have the hand soap, candle, and wallflower in Eucalyptis Spearmint, and it's heavenly. Toss in some new chrome drawer pulls, a few massage stones, and some black and white photos, and I think we'll have us one gorgeous bathroom.

Any home renovations going on in your life? Tell us about them in the comments.

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