Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Princess: Sephora's Cinderella Collection

What girl doesn't want her Cinderella moment? Whether it's your wedding day, a new job, or the day you're finally able to fit into your skinny jeans or manage to remember to line both eyes (hey! Some days, that's an accomplishment!), we all want to feel beautiful and special. Well, Sephora and Disney have teamed up to create a line of products that celebrate the princess that lives in each one of us...even us big, grown-up girls.

The collection consists of an eyeshadow palette, an eyeshadow quad, a set of four lipsticks, a set of six nail polishes, one perfume in three different bottle options, and a compact mirror. Prices begin at $19 for a rollerball and go up to $175 for a Swarovski crystal encrusted fragrance bottle.

Here's the kicker: right now, you can only get these online, and only if you're a Beauty Insider. Everyone else has to wait until October for these beauties to hit stores and become available online. Of course, October is almost here, so that's not too bad a wait time.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I give you: The Cinderella Collection!

This set of twenty shadows features shades customized to the original Pantone colors from the Disney film. The palette runs $55, and is paraben-free.

If you're more into smoky looks, this pretty, paraben-free palette will only set you back $30.
This set of four paraben-free (loving that trend!) lipsticks come in glamorous silver packaging, and feature names such as Lady Tremaine and Pumpkin. At $25, this could make a wonderful Christmas gift, or even be broken down into luxe stocking stuffers.
If you like glitter, here's a set of six mini-polishes in pink, blue, silvers and golds. If you don't like glitter, you might want to skip out on this. $24.50, and easily broken up into smaller gifts for co-workers, classmates, or bosom buddies.

So This Is Love is a 1.7 oz fragrance that is housed in a gorgeous bottle, reminiscent of Cindy's pumpkin coach. According to Sephora, the perfume features notes of Fresh Aldehydes, Plumeria, Dewy Hyacinth, Tuberose, Sheer Jasmine, Solar Accord, Musks, Plum, and Creamy Woods. It retails for $58.

A roller ball version of the fragrance is available for $19, and while the packaging isn't quite as opulent, it's still very pretty and elegant.

Of course, if opulence is what you're going for, you can't get much more extravagant than a Swarovski crystal-embellished bottle. The fragrance is the same, but this version will cost you $175.

Photo Credit (This and All): Sephora

Lastly, a princess needs a magic mirror. This one may not have special powers, but it certainly is magical to look at! This $20 beauty mimics the iconic clock from the film. 

Overall, the collection is enchanting. The makeup doesn't really strike my fancy, but that mirror and rollerball are calling my name. Personally, I could never spend $175 on, essentially, a pretty bottle, but the price points, on the whole, seem reasonable. I know I'd be thrilled to find any of these items under the tree this Christmas, and hope this is a good omen of holiday sets to come this Winter. Look for the collection in stores in October.

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