Wednesday, June 19, 2013

'Ip, 'Ip, 'Ooray! Ipsy June Un-bagging

Holy mackerel, I am a lousy photographer!!!!!!! If June's bag taught me nothing else, I now know, without a doubt, that photography is NOT my calling! 

Thomas borrowed my phone yesterday to take a picture of the dog, and I didn't remember to check my settings after he gave it back. There were several more pictures taken like that, and then I took everything out of the packaging and threw away all of the trash. So, going back, now. My apologies. The picture of the dog turned out well, though, if that's any consolation.

Anyhoo, June's ipsy bag's theme was "On the Wild Side", and mine consisted of a Cailyn gel liner in Purple, a Chella highlighter pencil in Ivory Lace, a NYX powder blush in Spice, a Starlooks lipliner in Bare, and a J.Cat Sparkling Cream Palette (read: glitter) in Volta, all packed in a cute little leopard and neon yellow bag.

Since the pics are a no-go, here's a brief rundown of what I thought of each item. Again, my apologies.

The Bag
This is a really cute bag. The leopard and neon are both "wild", but in such a small dose, it's not tacky. The quality isn't off the charts, but this will make a fine travel bag, wallet, or clutch. I saw where someone else painted the spaces between the spots with pink glitter, then added rhinestones along the zipper. The end result was precious, and I'm planning to do the same to mine in the next few days.

Caylin Gel Liner in Purple

So, it's not a product pic. Here's the Caylin
on my eye, and Chella in the inner corner.

You know, I used MAC Fluidline for years. When that ran out, I switched to E.L.F. for economical reasons, and really liked it. Then, somehow, I ended up with Smashbox pen liner, and that led into the current trend of Urban Decay pencils. This might just make me go back to gel. It's gorgeous, creamy, practically fool-proof, and comes with its own brush, which is conveniently housed in the cap (which is genius). The staying power is excellent, and I'm definitely a fan.

Chella Highlighter Pencil in Ivory Lace
This is decent. It does what it says. It's a creamy, matte ivory pencil that you can use to highlight your brow, inner corner, cupid's bow, or what have you. I have one very similar to this that's from Anastasia, and there's another from Milani that's out in limited edition. It's a good product, but nothing ground breaking.

Starlooks Lipliner in Bare
I have not tried this, and I'm not sure I will. It's just...well, it's just an ugly color. I hate to put it that way, but that's really the only way to put it. The pencil is sort of a brownish, mauve-ish--you know what? It's the color of prune juice. I'm chucking it in with the zombie makeup.

J.Cat Sparkling Cream Palette in Volta
Wow. Not to be Negative Nancy, but this is another "miss" for me. (Oh, I hate posts like this!) Now, I love glitter. When I was five, I told my mother that glitter was my favorite color, and it still is. That said, I feel like glitter should have a purpose in your look, and I can't figure out what purpose black glitter that can not be used around eyes could possibly serve. This is not an eyeshadow. It's chunky glitter in a cream base. I'm...I'm...ready for Halloween, I guess.

NYX Blush in Spice
Here is another standout to join the gel liner! NYX knows blushes, that's for sure. This is my first single blush from the company, but my Dark Shadows Crimson Amulet palette came with five, and they're amazing. Spice is a deep rose with subtle shimmer, and is ridiculously pigmented. You have to use a light hand and a fluffy brush, but you can get a really nice, natural glow out of this product. It's a welcome addition to my collection, and I do have pictures of it!

That's one swipe, by the way. Whoa.
There you have it. That's June's ipsy bag. For funsies, I put together a look using the liner, highlighter, and blush...and it's about as mild as you can get. So much for walking on the wild side!

If you want a product list, let me know in the comments. Otherwise, I won't bore you to death.
Also: Those curls lasted about thirty seconds after this photo was taken. Darn humidity!! It's in a ponytail now. :(

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