Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gift Guide: The Geek Chic Couple

Yay! It's my favorite season of the year!! What season is that, you ask? Summer? Baseball? Rabbit (or, perhaps, Duck)? Why, no, silly! It's WEDDING SEASON!!!

And I'm not invited to a single one. Thank God.

I do, however, have a ton and a half that I'm scheduled to sing, starting with one this weekend. That's why Wedding Season is the true "most wonderful time" of the entire year. That's the time of year when Erin has a lot of opportunities to pick up a little extra cash.

That also means that it's time for some of you to start figuring out gifts. Me, I'm a pillow-giver. Pillows are on everyone's registries, yet, no one seems to remember to pick them up. In the event that pillows aren't on the registry, I go in for what will surely be the next most overlooked item, like glasses, casual dining, or kitchenware. I remember the day after Thomas and I got married. We went over to my grandparents to open up the gifts that were left at the wedding, and were absolutely touched by all of the beautiful, sentimental, heirloom quality items we received. I was, literally, in tears over how obviously loved we were. Then we hopped in the car and ran to Target to buy sheets, pillows (see!), and forks so we could sleep and eat that night. Luckily, gift cards were in the pile, too.

So, now that I've convinced all of you to purchase lovely, practical gifts for your friends and family, here are some completely impractical, totally geeky, frivolous wedding gift ideas. Because I'm fickle. Deal with it.

Photo Credit: WB Shop
Okay, so this isn't totally useless. It's a Lord of the Rings inspired jewelry chest. The chest stands thirteen inches tall, and is constructed of hardwood with metal detailing. I love the teeny ring box in the center. Thomas gave me a very sweet gold ring before we got engaged. I don't wear it very often now (clashes with the white gold wedding jewelry), but that little box would the perfect place to properly keep and display it. I'm sure I'm not the only old married lady out there with a similar problem. I also like how the decoration, while ornate, isn't feminine. This is a great unisex piece that both bride and groom could use. The space under the lid would be a wonderful place for cufflinks and loose change. Now, I warn you, this chest doesn't come cheap, but for a close relative, this could be a very appropriate and cherished gift. $174.95, WB Shop.

Photo Credit: WB Shop

Now, this one's just silly, but at the same time, a little romantic. If you know some Harry Potter-heads (like myself), a pretty display case for their favorite wands (mine's Hermione's, thank you) could be a very romantic gift. Even better, the case holds four, so as their family grows, the collection can grow along with it. The little hanging plaques are a nice touch, don't you think? $44.95, WB Shop.

Photo Credit: Amazon
If you look to the left, you'll see something that's actually quite useful. When two people really love each other and commit to being together for the rest of their lives, something very magical happens: somehow, they manage to fit all of their stuff into one shared living space. And by 'all', I mean 'some'. And by 'magical', I mean 'with a great deal of anguish, screaming, name-calling, and possibly blood-shed'. By giving the gift of the USB hub, you're not only giving a gift that says, "Congrats!",  you're giving a gift that says, "Hey, I love you guys and want you to not end up divorced or in prison because one of you needs to charge their iPod, and the other needs the printer. Mazel Tov!" $53.14, Amazon.

I also love this idea because it's the very embodiment of the old saying: "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue." If you don't believe me, read this...

From Doctor Who, courtesy "When you wake up, you'll have a mom and dad. And you won't even remember me. Well, you'll remember me a little. I'll be a story in your head. That's okay. We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? Because it was, you know. It was the best. A daft old man who stole a magic box. Anyway, did I ever tell you that i stole it. Well, I borrowed it, I was always going to take it back. Oh, that box. Amy... you'll dream about that box. It'll never leave you. Big and little at the same time. Brand new and ancient and the bluest blue ever."

...then watch this:

Okay, enough geeking out for one day. A big, brown box from Sephora landed on my doorstep today. Here's hoping it's bigger on the inside, and I have some lovely product reviews in the near future. Toodles!

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  1. when i married the ex, i was given a gorgeous china service for eight. goes great with the silver service i inherited from my grandmother, which was filled in by others during the process. if i were a 21-year-old in 1950, i would've been good to go to start hosting formal dinners.

    i had zero - yep, zero - regular plates. no regular utensils. the one thing i did have was a slew of gift cards to JC penney, which was the one benefit of marrying while a lot of my friends were still in college (read: broke and unschooled in the social world). as one of the guys said, "i am not buying my fraternity brother towels."


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