Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Can Already Hear "Stairway To Heaven"

Photo Credit: Mom Prom
IT'S PROM SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I know. I, and most of you reading this, are too old to go to Prom. Well, at least in the non-chaperoning sense. Or so we thought...

Introducing the Mom Prom! (So what if I'm not a mom? I can still go!) According to their site:
Mom Prom was created in Canton, MI in 2006 at St. Thomas a'Becket Catholic Church. It is a ladies night out for charity in which women wear their old prom gowns, bridesmaids dresses, or wedding gowns. It is a real prom with a DJ, karaoke, a tackiest dress contest, and a game to crown the new queen. This is a wonderful, hilarious night in which women can dance the night away, have fun with friends, and help a worthy cause.We hope to have ladies groups from across the country create their own proms, raising money for charities that are close to their hearts. So look for that old gown in the back of your closet and get ready to dance, dance, dance while helping those in need.

So far, there have already been thirty Mom Proms in 2011, with another ten planned throughout the Summer. Anyone can sponsor one, as well, and for any charity. They even suggest that, if you can't hold an actual Prom, you get a group of friends together for a fun night out, and send a donation matching what you spent on yourselves to your favorite charity. Basically, this is a really laid-back, fun, goofy way to have a blast with your gal pals and help out the less fortunate. Plus, how much more motivation to hit the gym do you need, than knowing you have to squeeze back into your high school Prom dress? Yikes!

Another fun way to get back that old high school spirit (or not, depending on how that whole experience went for you), is to kick back, drink something that would have gotten you suspended, and enjoy one of these Prom-tastic classics (in no particular order):

She's All That: My Fair Lady for the teenage set. This makes the list because it's intelligent, funny, and because no Prom is complete without a spontaneous, choreographed dance number, right?

Ten Things I Hate About You: The Shrew needs a Prom date in this update on the Bard. Plus, it's neat to see Heath Ledger before he was Heath Ledger!!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The classic Boy meets Girl, Girl kicks Vampire butt story.  Stake wielding cheerleaders, Luke Perry, Pee-Wee, and a few explosions make for a darn good time.

Pretty In Pink: What Prom movie list would be complete without cutie-pie Molly Ringwald finding the dress of her dreams, and the boy to go with it?

Carrie: Again, it would be a crime to leave this off. Sure, the prom sucked, but her dress sure was pretty...yeesh...

Grease: Born To Hand Jive, Baby!!! This is also the only movie on this list that doesn't end with the Prom. It's just a milestone along the way, and really, isn't that the case in real life?

I know I've missed loads. If you have a fave that's not on the list, please share it in the comments.

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  1. 10 things i hate about you. SWOON. i always fancied myself a direct copy of julia stiles as kat in that one. in my dreams, if someone ever does a biopic on me, she's playing me.

    the new york times had a story about the rash of adult proms that have sprung up of late. i do adore an excuse to put on fancy clothes and swan about town, but in my mind, mardi gras is a MUCH better excuse.


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