Monday, May 23, 2011

A Rootin', Tootin' Round-Up

This just made me smile, and I hope it makes your day, too.

Melanie Edgar and Andrew Higgins of Barry, Wales, got married. That, right there, is sweet enough, but I love how they tied the lasso--I mean, knot.

You see, Melanie is not your traditional bride. She wasn't in to the whole "white wedding and tails" kind of ceremony. She wanted to do something unique, and also something that would appeal to the couple's three young children. So, when the stretch limo pulled up to the Civic Registry Office, Melanie stepped out in full cowgirl gear--but not just any cowgirl, mind you. The bride was dressed as Jessie from the Toy Story franchise, and her dashing groom was none other than Sherriff Woody!

It should come as no surprise that Buzz took the role of Best Man. Barrie Edgar, the bride's brother (and Mr. Potatohead) told reporters, “It was no surprise when she wanted a cartoon wedding because she’s certainly not a traditionalist and always aims to stand out from the crowd. Everyone got into the mood and we had an absolutely brilliant time – it was a dream wedding for the kids who couldn’t wait for the day to come so they could get into their costumes."

Here's a picture, courtesy of WalesOnline, of the happy couple and their colorful cast of characters. There are more darling photos on that site (linked above). I wish them the best of luck. Congratulations to the entire Higgins Family!

Melanie and Andrew are center in the cowboy hats. Good luck finding Waldo (yes, he was in attendance).

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