Monday, May 16, 2011

Gone Hunting. Be Back Soon.

Okay folks, here's the deal. This weekend, Thomas and I announced that our movie, The Night Shift, will screen in our hometown next month. Since that announcement, I've been...let's say, inundated...with emails, texts, phone calls--you name it--all seeking info and tickets. While that's fantastic, and I'm not complaining, it has made searching the Interwebs for goodies a little bit difficult. So, for today, the best I could come up with (I'm pathetic, I know) is news of a sale at Threadless. Any tee you want, twelve bucks. I've got my eye on this Doctor Who-inspired cutie:

Photo Credit: Threadless
Doctor Hoo
 For those less Sci-Fi inclined, might I suggest this stunner, which also comes in a beautiful boat-neck style:

Photo Credit: Threadless
The Guardian Samurai of Beauty
Happy Shopping! See you tomorrow!

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