Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Creepy, Kooky Cuties

This past Saturday night's episode of Doctor Who was written by none other than the uber-talented Neil Gaiman. I was already a fan of his without even knowing it--I have a Coraline doll on my shelf. Never thought to ask who created her--but after the perfection that was this episode, I'm going to have to look up all of his work.

One thing I have noticed about his style, just in the little bit I've consciously taken in, is that he finds beauty in the odd and creepy. The entire episode was very dark and eerie, but also a visual candy store. There's very little I can say without spoilers, but this had to have been a treat for the costume and art departments.

With the thought of finding beauty in the creepy, I took a little trip to one of my favorite online stores, Plasticland, to do a little quirky hunting.

Photo Credit (this and all): Plasticland
I'm not a big fan of skulls. Yeah, I know, I just made a movie with a talking skeleton (who now resides in my closet. How apropos?), but I've never been a big fan of them...until this came along. The flowers for eyes, the subdued cobweb detailing...I kind of want one. Granted, it's ridiculously expensive for a vinyl wallet, but it could be a fun splurge if we ever sell this blasted film. $32, Plasticland.

How could I not mention the matching purse? This 13"x9"x6" satchel is made from vegan-friendly, pebble-textured vinyl. How precious are the little hearts inside the crossbones?! The rose motif adds a celebratory Dia de los Muertos vibe. This is currently out of stock, but more should be in around mid-June. $59, Plasticland.

There are tons more creepy, adorable, funny, and retro-fabulous items on the site. If you're feeling a little down, take a trip over there. It's a guaranteed pick me up.


  1. I can't say I'm gonna run out and buy a purse, but I gotta give props to "Coraline." It's one of my son's all-time fav movies. Good, creepy fun!
    Oh and the lady stuff there is cute too. ;)

  2. definitely saw a middle-aged lady in scrubs on the train the other night. she was coming home from work at GW hospital, i assume, given where she got on the train. DEFINITELY carrying a large black totebag with embroidered skulls and crossbones all over it.

    there HAS to be a story there. there just HAS to.


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