Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If I Could Save Time In a Bottle

The fun part about auditioning (well, one the many "fun" parts) is hiding your flaws. Chances are, should you get the part, once you get on set there'll be a makeup artist whose sole purpose in life is making you pretty. Darn shame they don't come to auditions. Now, admittedly, I don't look my age. In fact, I haven't changed my age range on my resume, yet. It still says, "Young Adult, 18-29." I'll be 31 in four and a half weeks, and still get carded. Someone, recently, saw my wedding ring and asked how long I'd been married. I told them three years, and their jaw dropped. I just laughed and joked that I was a child bride (I was 27!), and they told me it was just wonderful that I found love at such an early age. But I digress. Point is, I look young.

But not that young. Friday morning, as I got ready for work, I noticed...a wrinkle. Well, more like a line. Actually, upon reflection, it might have just been a shadow. In any case, it freaked me out but good, and I hit Sephora running. I had to fix this, and quick!

The very sweet and knowledgeable associates suggested Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx ($48, Sephora). That's a little more than I would normally go for a product without either trying a sample or reading a ton of reviews, but time was short and I was desperate. I paid for it and headed on to work.

Here's what Sephora has to say about the product:
A fast acting formula, this prodcut instantly tightens, firms, and smoothes the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles so skin looks years younger, all day long. Its remarkable formula effortlessly erases skin creases, including on the forehead, crow's feet, and laugh lines. Active firming agents remain on the skin, virtually rewinding the clock as they temporarily tighten problem areas.
-Shake well. Sparingly apply a thin (mask-like) layer onto freshly cleansed, dry skin.

-Remain expressionless. Product will dry within three to seven minutes.

-When face feels pulled and tight, look in the mirror. At this moment, you'll look years younger.

-Splash skin with water until product is no longer visible. If any residue remains, use wet fingertips to gently remove.

-Using a towel, gently pat skin dry but do not rub. As skin dries, you will feel a subtle firming that will last all day.

-Continue with your usual skin care routine. Instant FIRMx can be used before treatments, moisturizers and makeup, or alone.

In other words, this is a quick fix, and is not intended to prevent or repair signs of aging. When it's on, you look younger. When you wash it off, you look as nature intended.

Photo Credit: Sephora (read: this is not me!!!!)

So, the next morning, I read the directions, and tried to apply the product. And failed. Miserably. See, I'd already put on some moisturizer, so when I tried to smooth on this gel, it simply balled up on my skin. Okay, no problem. User Error. I washed my face, dried it, and started over.

This time, there was no problem. I smoothed on the gel and remained emotionless for about five minutes, to give it time to dry. I didn't notice any white residue (and I was about to put makeup over it, anyway) so I didn't splash my face with water. My skin looked amazing. Even my forehead wrinkles were gone. I couldn't have been more thrilled...until I applied my foundation and all my wrinkles showed right back up.

Yep. They're ba-ack! I went ahead and finished my makeup, then applied a little bit more of the gel to my forehead wrinkles and around my eyes. There! I fixed it!

I then spent the rest of the day trying to get rid of white residue. Awesome. But, the wrinkles were better, so I guess it's a trade-off.

Then, Sunday, I gave it another shot. This time, I remembered to rinse before applying my foundation...and it all came off. I finished my makeup, added a little on top of it, and spent the rest of the day getting rid of residue, and getting slightly more perturbed.

So, Monday--the day of my freaking audition--I took another reviewer's advice, and mixed it with my makeup in equal parts, and that seemed to work better. Of course, I still had to put a little more on top, because it's downright impossible to apply eyemakeup without raising your eyebrows and wrinkling your forehead. I wet my fingers and tapped around my forehead to try to ward off residue. It helped, but I made sure I went a little heavy on the bronzer in that area.

I don't want to give up on this, because I really think it could work. My next attempt will involve doing my eye makeup first, then applying the gel/foundation mixture, or possibly using an inexpensive airbrush formula from the drugstore. I'll keep you posted.

Final Verdict: The jury's still out.


  1. oh, man. wrinkles. if you tell him i said this, i'll deny everything, but it really freaked me out the other day when i looked at the man and saw wrinkles. oh, dear lord. when he started with the gray hair, that was one thing; it was clearly way premature. but wrinkles? ack.

    how can i maintain my denial that we're all still 21 if he insists on doing that? :)

  2. Thomas has named all of his gray hairs. Most of them "Erin". Remind me to smack him.

    I insist upon being 23. Then I can have both vices and job to pay for them.


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