Tuesday, March 6, 2012

They're Not Radioactive...Right?

I hadn't intended on having a theme this week, but it appears superheroes are the "in" thing. Who'd've thunk it?

With the new Spiderman movie (sequel? Reboot? Unnecessary retread?) due out this Summer, the nice folks over at O.P.I. have unveiled a new collection of nail polishes, inspired by the webslinger, himself.

Photo Credit: Geeky Hostess
The line consists of six shades: "Your Web or Mine?", a flirty bubblegum pink; "Into the Night", a metallic midnight blue; "Call Me Gwen-ever", a bubbly, bright tangerine; an edgy yellow-green metallic, "Just Spotted the Lizard"; a true white, "My Boyfriend Scales Walls"; and "Number One Nemesis", a pretty pewter.

"Your Web or Mine?" and "Number One Nemesis" are calling my name. The collection launches in May, 2012, just in time for bright, shiny Summer nail trends. I can just see "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" showcased on flip-flop wearing toes. Nicely done, O.P.I. Now, if only they came with superpowers...

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