Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We Did the Monster Mash!

Last night, Thomas and I took a drive over to Pensacola to see the touring company of Young Frankenstein, so I was M.I.A. on the blog, and for that, I apologize. My absence also means it's time for another installment of...


Obviously, I saw the show, which was really cute. Young Frankenstein is pretty high up on my list of favorite movies, and I've been a fan of the soundtrack for a couple of years--ever since I ran across an album at a local con.

(True story: Thomas and I, along with some other Fighting Owl Films folks, were guests on a panel at the con. On this one day, I chased a baby duck through the parking lot of my city-based apartment complex, rode around with a body in the trunk of Thomas' car, had my cameral "pillaged" by a "pirate", and heard one terrified hotel employee exclaim, "GEEKS!" as she ran out of the building. OH! And the one picture we were able to recover has me looking flat-out stoned (I wasn't), and Thomas looking like he's about to eat a DVD box. All in all, I'd call it a success.)

Anyway, the show was precious, and my only real complaint was the sound system. They had some major problems with the microphones, which made jokes difficult to catch, and left a performer or two hung out to dry. Even so, it was an enjoyable show, and a good time was had by all. Well, all except maybe those one or two performers...bless 'em.

Of course, to get ready for a night at the theatre, I gave embellishing my nails another shot. This time, I think I may have finally figured it out.

Here, I have O.P.I. Brisbane Bronze as a base, and O.P.I. for Sephora Traffic Stopper Copper as the highlight. I think the colors are similar enough that the singled-out nail isn't jarring, but the glitter is chunky enough that you can tell that one nail is embellished. I've been digging it.

Photo Credit: Forever21

I also gave an old dress in my closet a quickie makeover, leaving me with a really cute skirt for the occasion. See, last year, I orderded a dress from Forever 21, but when it arrived, I realized that it was too short-waisted for me. I couldn't return it, so it hung in the closet forever. Yesterday, I decided enough was enough, cut off the top with a pair of scissors, folded under the excess fabric, and voila, I had a new skirt. I paired it with a tank that actually fit, some Steve Madden platform pumps I practically stole from Ross, and had a brand new outfit for absolutely nothing. Woohoo!

At the theatre, I was seated next to a lovely young lady who was wearing one of the coolest dresses I've ever seen! She was sweet enough to tell me where she got it. The brand is Paper Doll Productions, and in case you can't tell from the photo, the fabric is a collage of different Universal monster movie posters. It's pretty darn nifty in the picture, but so much more awesome in person.

Photo Credit: Angry Young and Poor

There's also another shop, found on Etsy, that carries a dress with the same print, but in a different sillhouette that might be more flattering on curvier body types (like mine). Now, if only I could come up with the seventy bucks to make this happen in my closet...

Photo Credit: Etsy
So, that's what I've been up to. Not much, actually. Mostly drooling over pretty prints and painting my nails. Wow. I feel like a slug. I blame my broken coffee pot, but that's another post entirely...

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