Monday, March 5, 2012

He's a Chihuahua/Spiderman Mix.

Photo Credit (All): PetSmart

I have a new puppy; a lolling, sweet, angelic, loving and affectionate little furball, who, for some reason, licks the backs of my calves and melts my heart.

Thomas has a new toy.

The two boys wrestle with Zebra and Rex (respectively, a once-stuffed zebra which now resembles an old sock, and a growling plush dinosaur), chase the laser pointer, and fight over who gets to snuggle with me on the couch (I like that game). Thomas calls Ronnie "Little Dude", and they are the bestest buddies ever.

So, of course, pup-pup is spoiled rotten. As he should be.

On our most recent trip to PetSmart (minus Little Dude. We have a budget. Bringing him would kill it), we stumbled upon a new collection of doggie products...from Marvel.

Oh. Dear. God.

There were chew toys, pull toys, stuffed toys, frisbees, bandannas, t-shirts...the works, and all emblazoned with superheroes. Thank Heavens none of the shirts in stock were Ronnie's size, because we'd be broke. I did consider bringing home a Spiderman pull toy, but it seemed too big for his mouth. Actually, I'd say that, in general, the toys seemed to be better suited for larger dogs. The stuffed animals were okay for smaller pets, but most of the other items seemed too large for our little fella to comfortable hold on to.

The prices were also a little steep, but that's to be expected for a limited-time, licensed line. Frisbees start at $3. Tennis balls run $5, with other toys in the $8-$10 range. Bandannas are $8, and a t-shirt will set you back $15. They do run sales, though, and one appears to be going on now. Some items are in-store only.

We ended up settling for a 99-cent store-brand frisbee and a sale sweatshirt (he gets cold...who knew, with all that fur?), but, for a larger dog, this line sure is super-adorable.

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