Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Melting! I'm Melting!: Cheap Summer Makeup Picks

Recently, I've run across several tutorials for makeup that won't melt, fade, or just generally disappear while you're at the beach, the music festival, or--in the case of those of us down here in the land of 5,000% humidity--walking from your front door to your car. It's hot here.

It's Summer. You just plain don't need a lot of makeup. Plus, wearing a ton is pointless, because it's just going to slide right off your face, anyway. That said, a lot of folks are going to the beach and the music festival, and I know I'm not going to work sans concealer. In the interest of keeping things light, pretty, and on your face and not your beach towel, here are some of my picks for Summer beauty. They're all drugstore finds, too, because there is absolutely no sense in packing pricey products into a beach bag or festival tote, where you run the risk of ending up with a puddle of expensive goo.

Here we go!

E.L.F. Mineral Foundation SPF 15
In heat and humidity like we've had lately, the last thing I want on my face is a heavy foundation. Honestly, it's getting to the point that even beauty balms and tinted moisturizer are too much. When all else fails, pop a little of this mineral foundation on, and you have enough coverage to even things out, and a little SPF to boot.

CoverGirl CG Smoothers Concealer
No matter what the weather, I personally prefer a cream concealer to a liquid. That's just me, but since these are my picks, that's what I'm going with. To keep it from being too heavy or cakey, I apply with a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.

Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Pencil
This pick is based off of a review by DivaMakeupQueen. I'm in love with Urban Decay's 24/7 Shadow Pencils, and these pencils by Milani are supposedly darn near exact dupes. In fact, the Champagne Toast is an exact dupe for UD's Sin. They apply, blend, and perform identically, according to DMQ. Going off of that, I use these types of pencils to fill in the lid, blend out into the crease (with a brush or a finger), and run long the upper and lower lashes for definition. Easy peasy, and they don't budge. You don't even need a primer.

CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Waterproof Mascara
For more natural looks (like this), I skip the lengthening mascaras and go for volume. This is one of my favorites, and the waterproof formula is a must for Summer humidity.

Physicians Formula Baked Bronzer
This bronzer is my go-to for after a peformance. When you have approximately 30-seconds between curtain call and set strike to wipe off your stage makeup and put on just enough street makeup to avoid scaring small children, this is your product. It adds a touch of healthy color, and has only the tiniest hint of shimmer. Honestly, some moisturizer, this, and lip balm is all I can manage, and it works perfectly.

Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
This is the only product where I'm specifying a color, and that's because I am in love with this color for Summer. It's a gorgeous peachy pink, similar to NARS Orgasm (sorry, Mom). The presentation is amazing, too. The baked blush is marbled, with little gold veins running throughout. It's drugstore, but you could have fooled me.

CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm
I can't stress how much I love these things. They feel like lip balm, give a sheer wash of color, and protect your lips with SPF 15. Ever seen sunburnt lips? I have, and it changed me, man. It changed me.

That's it. Seven itty-bitty products. Don't even bother with brows, primers, liners, or any of that jazz. Throw these over a sunless tanner and some serious SPF, and have yourself a beautiful and safe Summer.

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