Monday, October 22, 2012

Costume Creations: Princess for a Day

Sometimes, you just need to feel like a princess. Example: this morning, I woke up sick as a dog. My sinuses have exploded (thanks, weather change), and the last thing I wanted to do was drag my carcass out of bed. As incentive, I promised myself I could play dress-up for the blog before my trip to the grocery store. My Halloween costume this year is Belle (of course it is), so I did a dry run of the makeup look I want to go with it. Actually, it's based off the makeup I wore as the bookish beauty while on tour, but with a few tweaks, it could pass for pretty much any storybook princess.

Hey! I'm almost rockin' Ariel hair! (Almost...)

I started this look by using a stippling brush to apply a full coverage cream foundation all over the face, ears, and neck. The stippling brush buffs the foundation into the skin, so it covers well, but doesn't look too heavy or cakey. Next, I applied a white base to just the lid areas of my eyes, blended out the edges with my finger, and set it with a bright white shadow. Then, I took a dark chocolate brown shadow, and applied it just above my crease, from inner corner to outer. Finally, I took a vanilla eyeshadow and applied it from the top edge of that brown, all the way up to the brow. Once all the shadow was applied, I used a fluffy brush to barely blend out the edges, then filled in my brows with a brown brow powder.

The liner is the key to this look. Storybook (okay, Disney...who am I kidding, here) princesses always have those wide, slightly rounded-off eyes. To acheive that, I used a pencil liner (I prefer it to a harsher liquid) to draw from the inner corner of the top lashline all the way to a winged edge. Then, I drew from the inner corner of the bottom lashline STRAIGHT across to the outer edge. Think of making a box, rather than following  your eye's natural curve. The outer edge should be much thicker than the inner corner. Then, connect that edge to your wing. Then, use a white pencil to line your lower waterline and the innermost corner of your eye. You don't want the black to connect to itself on that innermost corner. See the photo below for reference if I've completely lost you, here. Lastly, coat your lashes, top and bottom, with a healthy dose of mascara. If you want, you can add falsies, but I didn't see the need.

I just did my brows, so why do they look so awful? Ugh...carry on!

On to the face! Grab the lightest concealer you can comfortably wear, and apply it in a V shape from your inner eye corner, down alongside your nose, and back up to the outer corner of your eye, then blend out the edges. This will give you that Kim Kardashian highlight that looks so pretty in photos. Use the same concealer down the bridge of your nose, on your browbones, on the center of your forehead, and on your chin. This will help you glow without using any shimmer, for a naturally luminous look. Then, use a dark cream to contour your cheekbones. I also used a little on the sides of my nose to slim the bridge and shorten the length. Once you're done, set it all with a pressed transluscent powder.

There's very minimal color to this look, and it's pretty much all pink. I applied a baby doll pink blush to the apples of my cheeks and blended upward to the temples. Then, I brushed on a rosy pink lipstick to the entire lip area, then used a deeper pink on the outer corners and edges, so the lighter center would look look pouty. I finished the look by polishing the edges with a pink lipliner.

There is absolutely no shimmer to any of this makeup, but you still end up with a magical glow. I hope this helped!
Seriously, I think every princess makes this face at least once per movie. OH! There are dwarves in this cottage! I just saw Sebastian on a dinner plate! A teacup and a clock just talked to me! Maybe I should have ignored the Drink Me sign! The list goes on and on...

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