Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September Favorites and Halloween Must-Haves!

Hi Guys! I thought I might do the September favorites a little differently. Sure, I'll list a few things that I thought were just stellar this month, but then I'm going to also attach a list of things I whole-heartedly recommend for Halloween. Hope it's helpful!


MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation
Medium coverage and a light, non-greasy feel. Finish is dewy and photographs beautifully. Plus, you can apply it with your fingers if necessary.

It's a 10! Miracle Leave-In
If I haven't mentioned this before, I have been remiss. It's a simple spray-in conditioner that detangles, adds shine, and makes my hair baby soft. It's a little pricey, but well worth it. Available at Ulta and Target.

China Glaze in Foie Gras (Hunger Games)
Check your clearance aisles for this one! It's discontinued, but I've seen it at Sally's and Ulta in the past few weeks. It's a plummy brown that I've mentioned before in favorites, but after receiving numerous compliments on an Instagram photo, I felt it deserved another turn on the list.

The Instagram Photo.
Thomas and I were at a fundraiser for the local arts council, and this was their signature cocktail.
I have no clue what was in it, but it was awesome.

Okay, enought of that. Now, onto the fun stuff...


Alrighty! These are some basics that I suggest you keep on hand, just in case you find yourself on your way to an impromptu Halloween party. IT COULD HAPPEN! I just found out about a zombie walk, and have zero time to put anything together. Of course, you don't have to be a zombie! These are staples that will work for several different costume ideas. Here we go:

Silver Metallic Hairspray
Spray it in, wash it out. You can buy this in a multitude of colors, but if I could have only one color, it'd be silver. Actually, I have only one color, and it is silver. Interesting. Works for zombies (duh), Bride of Frankenstein, ghosts, fairies, old age.

Glow in the Dark Hair and Body Glitter
Need a costume in the next five minutes? Toss on a white dress, a little body glitter, and be a ghost. Or fallen angel (no wings). Or wear a mini-dress and bring back disco. Have a gorgeous costume, but worry you might get lost in the dark? Pop this on and glow! And yes, it really does glow. Gel form for ease in application. For me, this is a yearly must-have.

Ben Nye Professional Makeup Death Wheel
You don't need to be a pro, and you don't need to want to look dead. For my money, this wheel has the most versatile colors in it of any, and the quality is so much better than what you'll pay the same amount (or more) for at the local party store. Need a bruise? It can do that. Need a deathly pallor? Covered. Want cheekbones like Angelina Jolie? Um...it can help you fake them. Sure, you can use this for zombies, but you can also use it for vampires (classic and Twilight), boxers, Frankenstein's monster, aliens, old age, or contouring and highlighting for any character.

Ben Nye Clear Latex
Dab a little on, add a piece of one-ply tissue, cover with another layer of latex, and let dry. Instant scar! Tear it a bit and add some fake blood for an easy wound. This a great little number to keep around at Halloween, because you never know when you'll need to look undead.

Edible Blood
Personally, I prefer making my own blood, but it's by no means anything I'd like to put in my mouth. It's washable, but I'm not fond of the taste of soap. Maybe we're just weird, but Thomas and I keep a bottle of fake edible blood around, just in case. Don't you?

Happy Halloween Month, Everybody!!

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