Thursday, October 4, 2012

Smoky, Spooky, Vamp Eyes: Featuring E.L.F. Maleficent Palette

I know a lot of you were interested in the E.L.F. Disney Villains palettes, so I decided to put together a Halloween eye look incorporating the Maleficent palette products with some others I had lying around. Okay, truth be told, I did this accidentally. Today was actually "Favorite Sports Team" day at work, so I needed something with University of Alabama crimson. As I started putting on my makeup, I realized that this would work really well with a Devil or Vampire costume. You could go more dramatic than I did, but honestly, I like it just the way it is. I paired it with a nude lip for a 60s mod vibe, but a blood red lip would look amazing. (I didn't take pictures of the whole look, since it wasn't really Halloweeny.)

If you would like to see the full , more dramaticVampire/Devil look, please let me know in the comments. I'm working on a few costume looks, and appreciate suggestions. Now, does anyone know how to make time stop so I can take a break and do them?

Here 'tis:
I hate cameras. In person, that crimson is CRIMSON. Oh well, it's still pretty.

Alrighty! I started by priming all over the lid, up to the brow. Then I used a fluffy shader brush to wash the "Misfortune" shade (silver) from the Maleficent palette all over the lid and in the crease. Then, for the crimson, I dipped a denser, shorter shader brush into "Cranberry" by MAC*. It's a permanent color, and just a gorgeous almost metallic rusty berry. It just screams Fall. I placed the color from the outer corner just to the edge of my eyeball. Then, I dipped the same brush into "Forest of Thorns" (dark charcoal with multicolored micro-glitter) from the Maleficent palette, and, holding a tissue from the corner of my eye to the end of my brows, created a sharp angle at the outer corner and blended it in. Then, I used a blending brush to blur all my edges for a smoky look.

We're just doing eyes, so you can ignore the lip and cheek color.
We'll be using the first two shades from the left, as well as the liquid eyeliner. It's sparkly!
Next, I grabbed the liquid liner from the NYX Dark Shadows palette (Crimson Amulet...whatever you want to call it) and created a medium-thick, slightly winged line on my upper lashline. I used a tiny, flat liner brush to run "Forest of Thorns" over the liquid line, then from outer corner of the lower lashline to about halfway in, then used the same brush to place "Misfortune" in the inner corner and run it under the lashes to about halfway in, meeting "Forest of Thorns" in the middle, and overlapping slightly. I finished the look by running the glitter liquid liner from the Maleficent palette over the upper lashline, then adding black mascara to top and bottom lashes, and dusting a little of the highlighter from the NYX palette onto the brow bone.

Basically, the key to this is precise edges, but no harsh lines. False eyelashes would look amazing with this, as would either a nude or blood red lip.

I hope you've enjoyed this! Again, if you would like to see this amped up a bit (vamped up a bit?) as a full-on costume look, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

*MAC shows it as darn near purple, and classifies it as a plum, but mine (bought from the store, so definitely not a fake) doesn't even come close to fitting that description. (Pixiwoo did a stunning tutorial with Cranberry, and theirs didn't look purple, either, if that makes any sense. In other words: IGNORE THE DESCRIPTION ON THE MAC SITE!)

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