Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goth Kitteh Can Has Hot Topic?

Photo by Manic Panic
I'm pale. We've established this. Aside from that, I'm about as goth as a kitten (and now I have a mental picture of kitty cat with eyeliner and piercings, and it's giving me the giggles). In fact, up until now, my only experience with goth culture has been a Halloween costume, and that time I picked up some pool blue hair color for a friend's birthday present (hi, Genna!). However, the folks at Manic Panic specialize in all things dark and glamorous, and have now added make-up to their creepy-cute arsenal.

Creature of the Night is Manic Panic's brand new cosmetic line. It debuted Monday in New York at the Gerlan Jeans fashion show, and it kind of rocks. The colors are all in the red, purple, and black families, and are extremely versatile. In fact, the makeup kits--named Knock 'Em Dead (red and black shades) and Final Curtain (purple and black)--come with instructions for three looks each: PG-13 (everyday cool), R (slightly more dramatic) and X (full-on goth rocker chic). In addition to these kits, there are lip kits, eye kits, lipsticks, eye shadows, liners, mascaras, nail polishes, and face powders--everything you need to complete your look. As an added bonus, the entire line is 100% Vegan and totally cruelty-free.

Manic Panic's Creature of the Night products run from $4 to $25, and are available at Urban Outfitters, Meijer, some specialty boutiques, and http://www.manicpaniccollection.com/.

Now, normally this is where the magic bag o' samples would come in to play, however, I am sick as a dog with allergies, so we're skipping that for the rest of the week. Instead, I'm revisiting some earlier reviews to see if my opinion has changed with use. Today, we're looking back at Zirh Clean Face Wash (for men. Oops).

If you recall (or click the link for the review), I liked this stuff a lot. It got my face super clean, was refreshing, and left my skin baby soft. It smells wonderful, and even removed mascara. There's absolutely no reason why a girl couldn't use this product. There was enough product in my sample for a couple of weeks, and I was actually sad to go back to my normal face wash when the Zirh ran out. I'm seriously considering buying a bottle and repackaging it into a pump. It's pretty darn good stuff, and I think I'm "man" enough for it.

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