Monday, April 25, 2011

A Dilemma...Now With Extra Sparkles!

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Hawaiian Tropic has a new product out, just in time for Summer. On a lark, I thought I'd give it a shot and fill you in on the results. So, I did, and here they are.

I'm torn. There, I said it. I really don't know how I feel about this stuff.

The Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Lotion Sunscreen with SPF 20 ($7.99, Target) was designed to give you plenty of sun protection, while at the same time imparting a subtle shimmer to highlight your skin tone. Talk about a win-win. You get to stay safe and look pretty doing so. Twi-hards, you can actually sparkle in the sunlight. How cool.

And you do. The sunscreen is chock-a-block with itty-bitty mica flakes that practically coat your skin. This is not chunky glitter, mind you. This is very finely-milled, so your skin glistens. You gleam. It even looks beautiful in low-light. In fact, I daresay I like it best in low-light. The highlighting effect is gorgeous, and this should be my very favorite body product ever. I'm already a huge fan of Olay Ribbons Tone Enriching body wash, and this puts it's mica quotient to shame.

Here's my problem: I hate the smell. Totally. It's not that it's an unpleasant smell. It's just very persistent, and after a while, ennervating. It's one thing to get the occasional whiff of your floral perfume or fruity body splash. That's nice. That's welcome. It's a whole 'nother bag of cats to be constantly aware that you are, in fact, wearing a very chemically-smelling sunscreen. It's supposedly coconut-scented, but I've smelt a coconut before, and you, dear sunscreen, are no coconut.

So, I ask you, dear readers: What's a girl to do?

Final Verdict: Right now, I'm going with 8 out of 10. It's fantastic, and Hawaiian Tropic is a brand I trust, but the smell is really killing me.

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  1. that's definitely the worst thing about sun protection: the smell. when the man came back from africa, all his clothes just REEKED of the crazy hardcore sunscreen he had to wear when he was out there. you would think that by now someone would've done something about this...


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