Thursday, April 21, 2011

The "It" Factor

Last year, Stila put out what they called the "It Girl" palette through Sephora. For about ten bucks, you got three large, coordinated eyeshadows, including their best-seller, Kitten. It was awesome. The colors were beautiful, the packaging was high-end, and the whole thing was so nice I gave one to a friend for her birthday. The amazing cocoa, bright gold, and champagne hues have earned their place on my counter, and also managed to find their way onto my eyes almost daily. This was seriously one of the best $10 purchases I've made.

But enough about that. It's gone. No longer in stock. Unavailable. What's a girl to do? Why get the "It Girl Eyeshadow Palette #2!" The price has gone up slightly ($14, Sephora), and while the colors are different, they're in no way disappointing.
Photo Credit: Sephora

This year's version focused on neutrals. You still get my very most favoritest eyeshadow ever, Kitten--a pale champagne pink that instantly brightens the entire eye area (I have three pans of it, now!)--but now it's paired with a shimmering gold-flecked coffee brown--aptly named Americano--and a surprisingly striking matte nut-brown, Eve. The shadows are soft and creamy, blend on like butter, are well-pigmented and have serious staying power. I use mine over a primer, but I've forgotten my primer before, and noticed little to no creasing. Stila makes a good eyeshadow. No doubt about it.

The packaging is identical to last year's. It consists of a sturdy, black plastic shell with a clear viewing window. The Stila logo is printed on the front in silver, surrounded by little stars. It's cute as pie, folks.

What's really impressive about this year's palette, though, is the versatility is affords. Right now, I'm sporting a day-appropriate smoky eye, created solely from this palette. Eve on the lid, Americano in the crease and as a liner, and all-over Kitten to soften and blend. By darkening up a bit, that becomes a night-time look. Playing around with these colors, you can create everything from an easy weekend style, to an elegant look befitting Princess-to-be-Middleton. These are colors and textures that I'm thrilled to wear, would look amazing on my fifty-something mother, and I'd feel comfortable giving my 14-year old cousin. They're classic, timeless, and ageless. Pick up a palette before they're gone. Heck, wrap one up for Mother's Day while you're at it.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10, simply because a brush would have been really nice. Fabulous, darling!


  1. i am always in favor of champagne gold shadows. always.

  2. Aha! A challenge! I'll see what I can come up with for you. :) Those are always pretty for Summer.


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