Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Break Out the Pumice Stones!

'Tis the season for pedicures!! Down here around the Equator, it's already hot and sticky (at least it's a wet heat, right?) that my feet sweat in flip-flops. For the next five months, or so, you're going to have a hard time catching me in shoes, period, much less anything that might require socks or hose.

With that in mind, let us turn our attention to that glorious innovation in footwear design: the sandal. Ah, the sandal! Dressier than shower shoes, but with about as much coverage. You allow me to stay cool in the evil Spring and Summer temperatures, and still keep my job. Bless your little soles.

Now, my office dress code is waaaaaaaaay less restrictive than most, so I don't dare presume to tell you what kind of sandal, if any, might be appropriate for where you work. I do, however, have a few favorites for other occasions: the Summer wedding, a night on the town, and bumming around at the mall. Let's start with the latter and go from there. All styles are available at Charlotte Russe.

Photo Credit (this and all pictures): Charlotte Russe
I love the metallic look of this sandal. There's something TRON-like about the pewter and copper strands looping around each other (or maybe that's just me). This is sleek, sophisticated, and effortlessly cool. $12.50.
Orange is a super hot color right now. It's everywhere from lips to nails, and this tangerine-hued wedge is a showstopping representation of the trend. The braided detail is a particularly nice touch. $25.50.
For the Boho girl (like me, most of the time), we have this embellished t-strap. Picture it with khaki cargo capris or thigh-grazing denim shorts. $24.50.

This ultra-sexy faux suede cage heel in bright red could really stop traffic! Try it with a LBSD (little black sundress). $32.50.
I'm a little bit in love with this leopard print wedge. The ankle strap gives it a retro flair, while the solid heel keeps me from falling down. That's always a major plus. This is for the pin-up girl in all of us. $32.50.
"All she wants to do is DANCE, DANCE!" She can in this comfy flat embellished sandal. The rhinestone encrusted straps add extra sparkle to an already glimmering gold finish. $24.50.

How much fun is this hot pink ruffled wedge?! The faux leather upper and basket-weave detailing dress this sandle up, and make the perfect match for a taffeta mini-dress. $30.00.
This shoe is just hot. That's all there is to it. The sleek, faux leather curves; the platform; the sky high heel...this is just one smokin' sandal. $35.50.
In sharp contrast to the above offering, is this sweet, ruffled wedge. The peep-toe keeps this from being too precious. $25.50.


  1. love the shoes! i bought a pair to wear to law-school prom that are just gorgeous: big gold spiked heels with sparkles all over. then i took one look at the heel height, remembered that i planned to drink, and for the sake of my ankles, went another way. based on how it turned out, i think i made the right call.

    natural grace, after all, right? :)


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