Thursday, April 7, 2011

You Are Not Saving the World Wearing That, Young Lady!

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter
Left: The new look. Right: The original concept.
"Stop a bullet cold, make the Axis fold. Change their minds and change the world!" But please, first change your clothes. The David E. Kelly Wonder Woman television remake has been in the works for some time, and recently released a picture of the new Diana Prince (Adrianna Palicki) in full Amazonian Princess regalia. The reviews were...mixed, at best. A summation of the major complaints would state that it was an unpatriotic, trampy, hot mess of a cheap party-store Halloween costume. Ouch.

To be honest, I wasn't thrilled with it. The boustier top is fine. It is slightly--okay, extremely--reminiscent of a bad fairy costume I wore to a Halloween party when Thomas and I were dating (Come to think of it, he went as Superman, so maybe we had something there?), but I can deal with that. It does look like it would allow for more movement than Lynda Carter's original bathing beauty outfit. One thing it almost had going for it, though, was the pants suit bottom half. If you're going to be out on the mean streets, kicking bad-guy butt, it'd be nice to not have to worry about a sudden wedgie or getting a run in your hose. Unfortunately, the periwinkle blue clashed so badly, my first instinct was to wonder if they pulled it off of another costume and tacked it on at the last minute. Then, they finished off the costume with matchy-matchy periwinkle boots. I realize that matching your shoes to your tights/hose/skin tone makes for a longer, leaner look, but in this case, it just looked...well, unfortunate is the only word coming to mind.

Photo Credit: Daily Postal
Above: Lynda Carter as the original Wonder Woman
Thank God someone in the costume department saw the light! The new costume is, dare I say, cute! Almost stylish, even. Sure, the bracelets are still silver, causing the actress in me to wonder why Ms. Prince would make the trim on her costume a contrasting color. What could be her motivation (I apologize for that)? Forgiving that, most of the other gripes I had with the suit have been rectified. Gone are the latex leggings, and in their place, JEGGINGS!! Alright, so maybe not jeggings proper, but darker, thicker, slightly more modest, star-studded pantalones. I'm also really digging on the red boots. She now looks less like a fetish model, and more like a young lady hitting the clubs. Sure, there's still a very high probability that she'll have someone ask what she charges per hour, but they'll probably be a nicer caliber of John than the original suit would have attracted. Really, though, it's no sluttier than most girl superhero costumes, and overall, while not perfect, it's a reasonable update to a tricky uniform. Now, let's hope we can say better about the series?


  1. hahaha - love this post. 'course, i've always been curious as to why girl superheroes not only have to do all the world-saving that the boys do, but have stupendous T&A on top of it. seriously, it's like in "a chorus line", but instead of "dance 10, looks 3," it's "tail-kicking 10, looks 3."

  2. Sing it Mags!

    Skills 10, Looks 3, and I'm still on unemployment
    Fighting for my own enjoyment
    (That ain't it, kid! That ain't it, kid!)

    Skills 10, Looks 3, is like to die!
    Left the villain's lair, called the doctor
    For my appointment to buy... paraphrase Ginger Rogers, women can do everything men do, but we do it backwards and in high heels.

  3. Dear Erin,

    Thank you for this post. I would, incidentally, wear any of the boots featured in today's graphics to the discount grocery.




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