Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Need the Doctor! Stat!

This weekend marks the end of the latest Doctor Who series, and what better way to wrap up another year of traveling with Amy, Rory, River, and the good Doctor than by viewing the show through the eyes of some incredibly talented, crafty fans? All items featured in this post are available at Etsy, and are hand-crafted by fellow Whovians. Geronimo!!
First up, this so-cute-I-could-squeeze-him-to-bits 11th Doctor-inspired smartphone case. The bow tie and tweed jacket are spot-on, and I literally squeed at the messy hair. Too.Freaking.Cute!
11th Dr.  who inspired cell phone case, iphone sleeve, phone cozy
Photo Credit (This and All): Etsy. Links go to artists' pages.
I want this necklace. Any family or friends who read this: Think Christmas, please. I would use it on the door to my recording booth at work, and have it show anytime I had to step out. Kind of like an "Out To Lunch" sign that only a handful of my coworkers would get. 
Doctor Who - The New Companion Necklace
This little bracelet tickles me. It's one of my favorite quotes from the Neil Gaiman-penned "The Doctor's Wife" episode. The artist has other quotes available, as well. You know, in case you don't want to make the uninitiated nervous. (It says: Biting's excellent! It's like kissing, only there's a winner.")
Doctor Who - Biting's Excellent
I'm a sucker for a good poster, and this is a darn good poster. There are several in the series, each based on particular episodes throughout the run of the show. I'm partiularly fond of "Victory of the Daleks" and "The Girl In the Fireplace", as well the above example. 
Doctor Who Poster: The Girl Who Waited - 11"x17" Science Fiction Art Print
If you know of any good Who artwork--or any other really well-done pop culture pieces--let me know, please. I love featuring artists on this blog, and hopefully drawing some attention to their talents. Thanks! 


  1. I just ran across this post and wanted to say thanks so much for including a link to my phone case in your post. So many bloggers dont give proper credit so thank you!

    1. You are so welcome!! We're all about supporting the arts around here. :) I hope the post sent some folks over to you. You're very talented, and I wish you the best of luck! Please drop by again, and let us know of any new developments.


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