Thursday, September 29, 2011

Exit Through the Cosmetics Counter

*Please note: While Adorable Napalm appreciates art in all forms, this site does not advocate illegal activities of any sort. Please don't go spray paint stuff on your neighbor's garage. Thank you.
A few months ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Exit Through the Gift Shop, the documentary (mockumentary? Who knows?) by mysterious street artist, Banksy. If you've never had the opportunity to view some of the artist's satirical work, do yourself a favor and Google him NOW. His pieces are at once hysterical and thought provoking. Here's one that I particularly enjoyed:

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Chances are, I'll never have enough money to own a Banksy, and will just have to be content with viewing the random pieces of street art I've seen around town (yes! He came to my town! At some point! I have no idea when! I'm very easily excited!) until the property owners paint over them.

If you're as interested in street art as I am (or if you just like cool stuff), MAC has come out with a new line of Street Art-inspired cosmetics, Art of Powder. Here's the Street Art Eyeshadow, a blend of pinks, gold, and lavender:
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There's also a highlighter and bronzer that are equally nifty. All three products are priced at $38 each, which is a little steep, but a lot less expensive than an original Banksy...or the fine for spraying your own art, come to think of it.

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