Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Totally Random: We Got Robbed!

So, we got robbed yesterday. Our storage locker and the surrounding units were all ransacked, but luckily, precious little was actually taken. Actually, the entire affair was a little, well, odd. Yes, we did lose a suitcase, but we somehow gained a machete.

Yep. You read that right. We gained a machete.

It's a very nice machete. We made sure that it made it to the office so that its rightful owner might reclaim it, of course. We also were, apparantly, traded a duffle bag and some old clothes. Another unit lost a pair of boots, but gained a belt. Still another, a war medal was swapped with a backpack. We also found several holes in the walls, courtesy of the machete, I suppose. As I said: odd.

With the exception of the war medal (which breaks my heart for the family who lost that), and my custom luggage tag with our engagement photo on it, nothing taken was of much value, and most of the other renters were as bemused by the break-in as we were. The storage company and police were amazing, and Thomas and I are already looking at new luggage. However, if you happen to see someone wearing old cowboy boots and a war medal, bandaged up machete wounds, and toting around a large black suitcase, can you ask him for my luggage tag back?

Since I value y'all's opinions, here are the suitcases we're looking at. Leave your pick in the comments. I'm rubbish at buying luggage. Thanks!

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  1. Oh wow... thieves do the strangest things! Since my family owns several houses we've had a number of brake ins through the years but the craziest one was when someone broke in and sprayed the living room and kitchen with a fire extinguisher and ran out the back door. Beside some damage to the door and the mess they left, nothing was taken! Really there wasn't much to take since the house was empty... Hope the guy is caught and you get your stuff back! One brakein years ago we just asumed they took off with some valuable stuff using my moms old childhood wagon that was in the house. The weird thing is we just FOUND the wagon a few weeks ago in our garage 8-/ No idea how it got out there!


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