Friday, November 9, 2012

Week of Naked 2 Challenge!: Day 5

Woohoo! It's the last day! I made it! Five different looks, using different combinations of shadows, showing each shadow at least once. Y'all may not be impressed, but I'm ridiculously proud of myself. This was harder than I expected it to be.

For those just tuning in to our blog, already in progress, I've been field-testing the Naked 2 palette for range and versatility over the past week. Some people may be looking into purchasing one for themselves or as a gift, given it's the (ridiculously early) holiday season. Swatches are nice, but sometimes it's more helpful to see things in action. Hopefully, this helped.

So, today's even-more-casual-than-usual Friday at my job, so I tossed on some jeans, a Doctor Who tee, and a hoodie. I look freaking fifteen years-old. Seriously, I ran by the mall, and security watched me like a hawk. I felt very uncomfortable. However, because I was dressed so casually, I kept my makeup looking very natural. In fact, I'd call it a "no-makeup" look. Light foundation, concealer, minimal cream blush on cheeks, tinted lip balm, brows, and this eyeshadow look with mascara. Easy peasy.

Natural Light
This was done by simply applying Foxy from lid to brow, then Tease in and just above the crease. I used a flat brush to wiggle blackout along my upper lashes, not really focusing on a line, but mostly filling in-between the lashes. I ran Tease along the lower lashline. Mascara is Buxom. No highlight. No inner corner. Done.

Seriously, I hope this helped somebody. I've got another really fun palette to show you next week--inexpensive, and a great stocking stuffer!--and a glittery holiday nail polish to review. Stay tuned!

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