Monday, November 5, 2012

Week of Naked 2 Challenge!: Day One

It's that wonderful time of year, when the temperatures drop, caloric consumption explodes, and high-ticket items can be purchased with coupons! Ah, Christmas!

Seriously, though, Sephora will be sending out coupons, most likely, and Ulta has already started. If you have any "you've got to be kidding me" items on your shopping list, the holiday season is one of the rare times you might be able to snag it at a discount. Now, I know that one of the crazy popular items last year was the Naked 2 palette, and that its popularity hasn't really waned. Some of you are probably eyeing it, but wondering if it's worth the money, or if you could use it.

I can't tell you.

See, the shadows are amazing, but color preference is up to the user. I like it a lot, but that doesn't mean you will. In an effort to help any of you who are curious about the versatility of the palette, or how the shadows look in a real world setting, I've decided to field test the palette for a week, with a different look each day. That's how much I love you guys. These are not tutorials or even looks you might want to copy. This is just to check the range and appearance of the shadows, and see how well they work together. Also, is it even possible to get a week's worth of different looks with the palette? I don't really know. I've never tried.

So, without further ado, here's today's look. I wanted an "I just threw this on" look today. I've been cleaning house all morning, and was only going to wear jeans and sweatshirt to record today. My hair's in a ponytail, and I went with tinted moisturizer instead of foundation because I'm currently broken out to heck and back. I'm pretty. A full-on eye look would just be silly.

Right Eye, Indoors

Left Eye, Outdoors
For this look, I used Tease from lid to a little over the crease, YDK on the outer third of the eye and crease, Busted on the outer corner, crease, and under the lower lashline, Chopper on the browbone and inner corner. Liner and Mascara are both Buxom.

One day down, four more to go!

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