Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday Down

Wow. I'm not as crazy as I thought. Oh, I'm still plenty nuts, but I discovered today that there are folks out there who have downright lost it! See, I thought it was insane for me to hit Walmart with Thomas on Thursday night, then do my internet shopping at midnight (exactly), then pick up Mom and Curt at 5am for Mall shopping on Friday--and it is! That's certifiably crazycakes. However, it could be worse. I could be in line at Best Buy. Now. Monday.

And I wouldn't be alone...

I'm not looney enough to give up sleep, warmth, three days of vacation time, and turkey with my family to save a few bucks on some electronics. If it's something that is really and truly a necessity, and camping out is the only way you can get it, then more power to you, and may the odds be ever in your favor. I'll see you at dawn on Friday.

As it is, heading out into the fray on zero sleep is going to be a challenge. Then, of course, you have to factor in that everyone you have ever known is going to be out and about, too, and you are going to run into them. There's no question about that. If there is one person in the entire world that you don't want to see you in sweats with no makeup, rest assured that you will run into them first. I refuse to give them the satisfaction of seeing me looking like a swamp witch, so I'm planning ahead. If you'd like to join me in strategizing, please read on.

1. Lay It Out
My main tip for Oh Dark Thirty shopping is to lay everything out the night before. And I mean EVERYTHING. Sure, I'll pick out what I plan to wear. Then, I'll pull out shoes, socks, underwear, and any accessories, but I won't stop there! Makeup and hair products can be selected and placed on the vanity or bathroom counter, so you don't have to deal with fuzzy thinking and poor judgement after forty-five minutes of sleep. Lastly, I'll make sure there's a bottled Frappuccino and a power bar in the fridge, ready to go.

2. Keep It Simple
No one is expecting you to look like a supermodel for Black Friday shopping. If you're like me, the look you're going for is less Cindy Crawford and more Not the Wicked Witch of the West. Skip the full face of makeup, and focus on glowing skin and soft, neutral colors. For hair, skip the wash and spritz in a little dry shampoo for volume and freshness, then toss it up, up, and away. My pick: a trendy and super-simple messy topknot for cute and easy hair, and Too Faced Beauty Balm for luminous, yet effortless skin.

3. Make It Last
The last thing you want to have to deal with is touching up your makeup. For one thing, who wants to lug around a makeup bag when you have so many other bags to schlep? Pick products that are known for their staying power. My picks: Buxom Stay There Eyeshadow in Collie (sparkling champagne), Lip Tarnish in Mug Shot (nude pink) or Scandal (mauve), and NYX powder blush in Pinched (shimmering rosy peach). Good Luck!

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