Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Hey kids!  It's time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea:  Charging your iPod by walking around the room a couple of times.

Photo by Science Daily
One day, that might be possible.  Scientists at the University of Southampton are working on a film that, when screened onto textiles like clothing or carpet, could harness its surrounding energy (like heat and motion) and use it to power personal electronics.  That means, in theory, the mp3 player you take to the gym could be powered, not by batteries, but by your jog on the treadmill, or on lazier days (okay, most days), by shuffling around on treated carpet.

Right now, according to Dr. Steve Beeby at the University's School of Electronics and Computer Science, the two biggest challenges his team faces are supplying the harvested power to devices, and making sure the fabric can withstand a trip through the washer.  Research begins in October, and is expected to continue through 2015, so it might not be too far off, but don't toss your chargers just yet. 

Bad Idea:  Cutting a hole in your floor and calling it a chair.

Many moons ago, when I was probably early high school-age, my dad made the horrible mistake of attempting to pull Christmas decorations out of the attic during an Alabama football game.  Well, someone scored (no idea who), and it startled Daddy so much that he stepped through the attic floor and into the annals of family history.  Now, when I think back on the image of Daddy dangling through the bedroom ceiling, I tend to recall Mom laughing hysterically and Daddy swearing up a storm.  I do not, however, think, "wow, he sure looked comfy."   

Photo by Decker Yeadon
Apparently, I should have.  See, some dumba--I mean, designer--at Decker Yeadon in New York has "designed" (I use that term extremely loosely) the OOoo Chair.  Now, if you want specifics, you can visit their site, but the short version is:  between the energy used to build it, and the amount that ends up thrown into landfills, furniture is an environmental hazaard, therefore, we should all sit, not on the floor, but in the floor.  Wait...what? 

You know, I could kind of go with sitting on the floor, but these guys propose getting out a router and cutting two holes in the floor, then placing their specially designed rings (that's the part they designed, in case you were wondering) in the holes .  You then put your legs through the holes and let them dangle while you sit comfortably (?) on the floor.  The pieces of floor that you cut out can later be used as plugs for the holes when the "chair" is not in use.

A few issues:  First of all, why can't we just sit on the floor?  I have a lovely bean bag, or is that environmentally unfriendly, as well?  How about a pillow?  Do my legs really have to dangle through the floor?

Secondly, if my legs do have to dangle through the floor, is this only for single story homes?  Otherwise, you have the strangest chandaliers in every room.  I mean, it might make an interesting conversation piece, but I can't imagine a time when it could ever not be disturbing to see a leg coming through your ceiling, especially if that ceiling is in the bathroom.  Oh--and what about wiring?  And ceiling fans?  And plumbing?  And what's really under my house?  Do I want my feet down there? 

Thirdly, I'm going to assume that renters will still have to be environmentally unfriendly, because I can't imagine a landlord that would be okay with cutting holes in the floors.  I mean, talk about kissing your security deposit goodbye!  Let's look at this from a homeowner's perspective:  why would I want to devalue my house?  It's hard enough to sell a house right now!  Why would I want to do anything (like deface beautiful hardwood floors) to make it more difficult to sell for less money?

As I have said before, I'm all for saving the planet.  I just think we need to use common sense in our efforts. 

And now, today's trip into the magic bag o' samples!  This morning, in my ongoing endeavor to use all of my many, many samples, I selected Givenchy's Hot Couture Eau de Parfum.  $22-$87,

According to Sephora:
Like Haute Couture fashion, Hot Couture is a glamorous yet sophisticated fragrance. Through sensuality and warmth Hot Couture creates an elegance that can only be equated with couture runway fashion. Sweet raspberry nectar, magnolia, and ambered vetiver combine to bewitch us with vibrant, confident, and passionate femininity.  
I definitely got the sweet raspberry nectar.  Wearing this fragrance is almost like wearing cotton candy, it's so sweet.  Of course, I happen to like sweet perfumes, so this is right up my alley.  It's also very long-wearing, and has a perfect 5-star user rating at  As for a recommendation, if you like sweet, go for it.  If not, run far, far away.


  1. ooh. raspberry nectar, vetiver, and my namesake fragrance? i'm so all about that. sounds DIVINE. i'm ready for a new occasion fragrance - i love my viktor and rolf flower bomb, but it's time for a change.

  2. I wouldn't mind a rollerball of it to switch up with my Couture Couture on occasion. But, again, I warn you--it's SWEET.


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