Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Can Almost Taste the Cocoa

So, the Fall fashion trends are starting to trickle in, which means it's 107 degrees and I'm looking at wool coats and scarves. I think my body temperature just went up another ten degrees, simply from suggestion. According to Harpar's Bazaar, It seems that the major trends this year are conservative glamour (basically, just wearing a little fur, as opposed to covering yourself head to toe in a full-on pelt) and urban chic (architectural, clean lines, minimalist). Also, bright, mismatched colors and patterns, but I didn't see that one as much.

I took a gander at some of the runway looks from Fashion Week, and I have to admit, some stuff was amazing.
Photo by Harpar's Bazaar
This is from Tory Burch, and I kind of love it. I love the skinny wool pants with a soft t-shirt. It's put-together and very wearable. Perfect for running to class or hanging out on the weekends. Toss the blazer over it, and you an wear it to the office. Also, the boots are too cute.

However, while this look is adorable, most outfits just made me scratch my head and wonder. I'll try not to pick on the models, since it's not their fault,

Photo by Wire Image
This poor girl is going to hurt herself. First off, she can't see past her bangs. You can tell she's really trying (and my bangs have been that long before, so I feel her pain. Of course, I was in desperate need of a trim. Hers are on purpose), but it's not easy. Then she's got that god-awful skirt to contend with. I thought she was in sweatpants at first, then noticed that the ankles were attached to each other. Seriously, one false move and she's going over the edge of the catwalk.

Photo by Dan and Corina Lecca
Oh, bless her heart! She forgot her shirt! Also, is she wearing wool shorts over velvet leggings? Love the coat, though (and wouldn't mind some velvet leggings, really).
Photo by Dan and Corina Lecca
I swear to God, the first time I saw this, I thought her head was on backwards. I'm still not convinced it's not.

Photo by Dan and Corina Lecca
Use the Force, young Padawan, and find a good tailor! Your Jedi robes are swallowing you whole!
There were more, and worse, believe it or not. Question: would you wear any of these outfits? I mean, in public?

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  1. i do not understand the new thing with these shapeless boat-neck dresses that just... hang. i got one dirt-cheap at that looked so freaking cute on the model. when i got it home, it just hangs off the shoulders and makes me look about six feet wide. i'm going to get the dang thing tailored; i'm convinced that if i put a waist into it, it'll be cute. we'll see...


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