Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Are Marshall (and Lily)

Photo by Fanpop
Four years ago today, Thomas and I went on our first date.  That was pretty much all it took, really, and less than five months later, we were engaged. 

One of our favorite shows to watch together is How I Met Your Mother.  I came into the show a couple of seasons in, and realized very quickly that it seemed somewhat...well, familiar.  Thomas didn't watch the show back then, and it took a little coercing to get him to sit down for an episode, but once I did, he noticed it, too.

Thomas:  Oh, my God.
Me:  Yeah, I know.
Thomas:  Oh, my God.
Me:  It's a little scary, right?
Thomas:  Oh, my God.  We're Marshall and Lily!
Me:  Yup.

I don't mean, "aw, we're so cute and in love and married like the adorable couple on tv."  I mean, "holy crap, is there someone from that show stalking us?"  For example:

1)  Marshall and Lily went to Loch Ness for their honeymoon to stalk Nessie.  They missed a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Erin and Thomas went to Cardiff, Wales for our honeymoon to stalk David Tennant.  We missed a performance of the Aladdin Panto.

2)  Marshall calls Lily 'Lilypad'.  Thomas calls me 'Lilleypad'.

3)  Marshall and Lily live in Dowisewtrepla, in an apartment with a crooked floor.  Erin and Thomas live on Downtowner, in an apartment with a crooked floor (and walls, for that matter).

4)  Marshall is very sweet and easily excited (robot wars!), while Lily is a shopaholic and artist.  I'm just going to let that one speak for itself.

5)  This one kills me.  Lily has a doppelganger, 'Stripper Lily', who works in a gentlemen's club.  I have 'Bartender Erin'.  There is some girl around here who works in a club downtown.  Her name is Erin, and apparently, we're twins.  I've actually had a guy she stood up question me, thinking I was her;  and the poor barista at Starbucks got really confused when we both went through the drive-up at the same time ("when did you change clothes?").

Maybe it's just us.  Anyway, on our first date, Thomas and I watched The Rocketeer, so in honor of my 'Marshmallow' (Lily's name for Marshall--not mine for Thomas!!), I thought I'd drum up some steampunky pretties for your viewing pleasure.

Photo by Etsy
This gorgeous necklace is available for $36 on Etsy.  The intricacies of the clockwork mesh really well with the filigree, don't you think?
Photo by Catherinette's Ring Shop
That green is what got me.  It just pops out from the copper and gold, and says, "look at me!"  $35 on Etsy.

Photo by Steam Designs' Shop
I think this might break me of my dog-earing habit.  This bookmark is $49.95 on Etsy.
Photo by Steam Designs' Shop
This is a hair pin.  I can't recall if I've ever worn a hair pin, but this one makes me want to give it a shot.  $49.95 on Etsy.
Now, for today's trip into the magic bag o' samples!  Today, I pulled Urban Decay's Deluxe Eyeshadow in Ruthless and Freakshow.  $18 each,  According to Sephora:
Turn your eyes into opulent works of art with these vibrant, silky, and luscious to the touch, eyeshadows that feature couture-quality and cutting-edge color. Loaded with silky pigments, this sophisticated new formula provides the richest, most brilliant color imaginable. Truly intense and definitely incomparable, Deluxe Shadows are like an artist's palette for the eyes.
This is some darn good eyeshadow.  Ruthless is a pale sand color with a hint of shimmer, and Freakshow is a muted plum with red overtones.  They blend effortlessly, and personally, I'm loving Freakshow with my new haircolor (still auburn, but with a lot more red).  My samples just came on a card, but the packaging for the full-sized shadows is a little bit awesome.  The look like graffitti-ed buttons, and each one is different.  Very cool.  If you're looking for eyeshadow, this is one to consider.


  1. ruthless is one of my go-to colors. i just adore it.

    hope y'all have a fabulous date-aversary (if that's not a word, i just made it one)!

  2. I love new words! Thank you!! I was just tickled he remembered. It's the little things. :)


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